Elden Ring Player Discovers Hidden Fia's Underwear

Hackers found Fia's hidden underwear in Elden Ring game code, which was eventually deleted by From Software.

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Elden Ring Player Discovers Hidden Fia's Underwear

In less than a month of launch, 2022 action role-playing game Elden Ring by developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has sold over 12 million copies globally and dominating over western retail markets.

Players are making various discoveries in Lands Between including George R.R. Martin Easter Egg and hidden multiplayer arena. One of the weirdest content of Elden Ring so far has to be recently found Fia's hidden underwear piece.

Elden Ring hacker has seemingly discovered Fia's underwear named Deathbed Smalls, which can only be acquired by cheating. It has a list of stats, hinting at original plans to include it in-game but was removed during development.

Fia also wears a robe and other pieces that are part of Deathbed clothing set, found in Elden Ring. Nevertheless, Deathbed Smalls is only part of her attire that From Software apparently decided to take out from final launch version.

In order to unlock Deathbed Smalls, you need to launch Cheat Engine and play PC version of Elden Ring offline. Then give yourself item ID 1930300 and instantly get Fia's skimpy lingerie that your Tarnished character can now put on.

Souls-like games usually have a lot of cut content and possibly, there are more armor pieces that players can find later on. Even though you can often wear nothing but rags, removal of Fia's underwear item is a bit of weird incident.

Fia is an NPC, who is introduced as a deathbed companion for Tarnished warriors and can be found at Roundtable Hold. She offers you Baldachin's Blessing via a hug and her embrace will give you special consumable to increase poise.

Why did a fully modeled underwear in Elden Ring was removed by From Software is not yet clear. Fia's innerwear may have been added as an in-game joke, since it doesn't feature any impressive stat, nor does it reveal a lore detail.
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