Sucker Punch Has No Plans for InFamous or Sly Cooper Series

Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions currently has no plans to revisit InFamous or Sly Cooper series right now.

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Sucker Punch Has No Plans for InFamous or Sly Cooper Series

For nearly a decade, PlayStation-exclusive franchises InFamous and Sly Cooper didn't receive a new series entry while developer Sucker Punch Productions was enjoying a massive success of 2020 samurai epic adventure Ghost of Tsushima.

A few months ago, a report claimed that new InFamous and Sly Cooper games are currently in development. Recently, an official blog post clarifies that Sucker Punch have no plans to revisit InFamous or Sly Cooper franchise anytime soon.

Sucker Punch has declined any and all rumors regarding new InFamous or Sly Cooper reboots for PlayStation 5 consoles. Moreover, they also confirmed that no other studio is working on a new game either until any future announcement.

As they denied all claims for new InFamous or Sly Cooper games being made right now, Sucker Punch admitted of working on an unannounced project that apparently requires full attention from all their internal dev teams at the moment.

Earlier in March 2022, Sly Cooper website domain was randomly updated amidst rumors of Sly Cooper 5 reveal. Fans started to hope for a franchise revival after Sly Cooper logo was spotted in a live-action ad that also teased Resident Evil 4.

Sucker Punch run maintenance and move UGC (user generated content) servers of InFamous 2 to elsewhere for extended support. Also, Cole's Legacy DLC for InFamous: Second Son will soon be available on PlayStation Store for all territories.
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