Uncharted 4 Modder Finds Way to Kill Main Characters With Gun Exploit

A talented modder has found exploits to kill major Uncharted 4 characters like Nadine Ross, Rafe Adler and Sam Drake.

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Uncharted 4 Modder Finds Way to Kill Main Characters With Gun Exploit

Unless a sequel is currently in works, 2016 action-adventure game Uncharted 4: A Thief's End by developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment is a final series entry for PlayStation-exclusive first-party franchise.

Even years after release, players are still discovering interesting and missable details hidden in Uncharted 4 and recently, a modder finds way to kill important in-game characters whether or not they are supposed to die or ahead of time.

Throughout their journey protagonist Nathan Drake and his brother Sam becomes enemy with South African mercenary Nadine Ross and her wealthy employer Rafe Adler, both parties trying to find pirate Henry Avery's long-lost treasure.

Modder and YouTuber AlteredView has discovered lately that there are several instances when players can actually kill major characters like Nadine Ross, Rafe Adler and Sam Drake in certain situations using Nathan's guns and explosives.

Due to pivotal story moments, all main characters need to live until a set point but they can be killed as well via exploits. AlteredView tested it during a fist fight between Nadine and Sam, by taking one or both of them down with his gun.

Shortly after Sam was beaten by her, Nathan shot and killed her but the game breaks when she dies. In another instance, Drake fired a rocket launcher at them, which knocked down Sam and killed her immediately, freezing the campaign.

Uncharted 4 modder AlteredView shared their finding on killing off Nadine, Rafe and Sam with gun exploits.

When it comes to a final showdown against Rafe in ruins of Avery's ship, Nate simply shoots at him before he could even finish his monologue but their fight restarts again once he dies ahead of their confrontation leading to a sword fight.

Playing through an early chapter, Nathan successfully attempts to finish off Vargas by shooting or throwing explosives at him. During a prison fight between Drake and fellow inmate Gustavo breaks in, he can be shot down using a firearm.

You can also throw grenades at other inmates or prison building but it does not harm to any of them at all. During another prison fight, Drake can mow down all hostile inmates with his guns but they will just keep re-spawning repeatedly.

Uncharted series has yet to announce a new game after 2017 standalone expansion titled The Lost Legacy. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has already debuted on PlayStation 5 and a release date for PC version got leaked earlier.
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