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Resident Evil Village: Mercenaries Mode Characters Overview

Capcom reveals new gameplay trailer for Mercenaries: Additional Orders, featuring Resident Evil: Village characters Chris, Heisenberg and Lady D.

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Resident Evil Village: Mercenaries Mode Characters Overview

A long-promised story DLC and highly-anticipated Mercenaries mode for 2021 survival horror game Resident Evil Village by developer/publisher Capcom has officially announced a release date, which is scheduled for October 28, 2022.

Capcom Showcase 2022 event briefly teased contents of upcoming Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition earlier last month. Today, pre-orders went live and Capcom revealed a detailed look at The Mercenaries: Additional Orders characters.

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition trailer offers a better look at Mercenaries mode's character gameplay.

Resident Evil Village brings back iconic Mercenaries mode and updated it as Additional Orders with new playable roster of characters. Player can unlock Mercenaries mode by completing its main story mode as protagonist Ethan Winters.

Mercenaries: Additional Orders will add iconic series hero Chris Redfield, who uses a variety of firearms and his raw strength. When taking down enemies, his Onslaught Gauge increases and boosts attack damage, move and reload speed.

Also joining to play is Karl Heisenberg, one of the four lords serving Mother Miranda and he is ready to rumble with his huge hammer to smash enemy hordes and charge electricity at them or even summon Soldat Jet to mow them down.

Finally, everyone's favorite tall vampire lady Alcina Dimitrescu becomes a part of Mercenaries mode. She uses long talons as a primary weapon of choice that increases her Thrill Gauge and can summon her daughters once she is maxed.

Other than adding new playable characters, Bloody Village and Bloody River stages will also be added to Mercenaries: Additional Orders. A third-person mode and Shadows of Rose story DLC will also be bundled within Winters' Expansion.

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition pre-purchase bonus includes Street Wolf outfit for Rosemary Winters in Shadows of Rose DLC. Players who already own RE: Village base game can simply buy Winters' Expansion to get newly added content.