Bloodborne Remaster for PC and PS5 Rumors Denied by Industry Insider

Bloomberg reporter and insider Jason Schreier claims that no remaster or sequel project for Bloodborne is in development.

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Bloodborne Remaster Rumors Denied by Industry Insider

Fans are begging for developer From Software and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to release a remaster or sequel of 2015 action role-playing game Bloodborne for PC and consoles, only to be disappointed over and over again.

Though there have been many leaks and reports suggesting a remaster for Bloodborne in works for PC and PlayStation 5, a reputable insider have denied all of these rumors by stating it simply doesn't exist, crushing hopes of a re-release.

Despite heavy fan-expectation, Bloomberg reporter and industry insider Jason Schreier recently claims that there is no Bloodborne project currently in development when someone asks him to leak it over on social media platform Twitter.

Schreier's straight rejection of any alleged remaster or sequel project for Bloodborne only mean that there is nothing out there regardless of various insider reports online but it can also be that he simply isn't aware of its existence just yet.

In a fan-reply on Twitter, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier clarified that Bloodborne project doesn't exist.

An early rumor claimed that PlayStation-owned developer studio Bluepoint Games is handling a re-release for PC and PS5. They will reportedly be working on Bloodborne 2 afterwards and take full control of the From Software IP in future.

Bloodborne is considered a masterpiece among Souls-like genre of games for years since launch alongside Dark Souls III and Elden Ring. Even though Sony is seemingly not interested in reviving the IP anytime soon, fans can still hope for it.
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