Metroid Prime and Wind Waker May Be Revealed at Upcoming Nintendo Direct

Insider report claims that an upcoming Nintendo Direct next week may feature Metroid Prime and Zelda: Wind Waker announcements.

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Metroid Prime and Wind Waker May Be Revealed at Upcoming Nintendo Direct

Nearing end of last month, an accidental leak via Google-searching has lead to discovery of an unannounced Nintendo Direct livestream showcase on official Nintendo website, scheduled for earlier of this month but that never happened.

Considering last few years of track record, fans continued to theorize that a Direct presentation may take place this September. More recently, insider report claims that a showcase may soon be confirmed by Nintendo to go live next week.

According to Giant Bomb journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, a broadcast is currently planned for September 12, 2022. However, Nintendo may delay or re-schedule it following death of Queen Elizabeth II, which becomes a huge news event.

GamesBeat managing editor Mike Minotti claimed last month that ports of Metroid Prime and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker will reportedly be announced at newest Direct showcase in September, which is corroborated by Grubb.

In a livestream this week, Grubb mentioned that Nintendo has reached out to their third-party development partners for a possible scheduling as they all are looking forward to make major announcements just before Tokyo Game Show.

He points out how everyone is getting sick of hearing about an upcoming Nintendo Direct show for September 2022. Although they usually host a Direct on Thursdays but this time, it could be on Tuesday, to avoid bumping into TGS events.

Grubb also hinted at 2018 delay of a Direct stream that was pushed back due to an earthquake in Japan. Back then, Nintendo had to re-schedule but partners wanted to announce their games and they want to steer clear of such situations.

Fans can expect to see some update regarding Fire Emblem series and publisher Electronic Arts may reveal It Takes Two for handheld. Moreover, there will be HD ports of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wind Waker coming soon.

There have been no updates on Metroid Prime 4 development for long and a social media tease by Retro Studios earlier this year. So, it wouldn't be an over-speculation if a new trailer or some gameplay footage is casually shown next week.

Nintendo Direct September 2022 event could be focused on Zelda games, including title reveal for Breath of the Wild sequel. Metroid Prime HD remasters are also coming to Nintendo Switch, possibly at some point later this holiday season.
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