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The Last of Us Part I Sales Rise in UK Following TV Series Premiere

Following recent premiere of The Last of Us TV show on HBO, sales for 2022 remake rises over 230% in UK.

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The Last of Us Part I Sales Rise in UK Following TV Series Premiere

Earlier last week, first episode for long-anticipated post-apocalyptic drama TV Series The Last of Us has recently made its debut on HBO network, garnering overly positive approval from critics and fans alike, while raking a big viewership.

Following latest premier of The Last of Us series on January 15, sales for PlayStation 5-excluisive modern remake of 2013 original game, The Last of Us Part I physical sales numbers saw boost in UK boxed charts, coming at number 20 spot.

According to GfK reports, The Last of Us Remake week-on-week sales rises to 238% in UK boxed game figures. After a recent surge in player-interest, PS5 remake of TLoU takes number 20 sales position but not being able to secure top 10.

Meanwhile, The Last of Us Remastered reaches at number 32 with sudden increase in week-on-week sales up to 322%. GfK figures are only for physical copies and there are no ways to know if HBO series has impacted TLoUI digital sales.

Warner Bros. Discovery claims first episode of The Last of Us had a large audience of 4.7 million viewers last week. It was also the second-largest premier for HBO, only behind House of Dragon and increased to over 10 million in two days.

The Last of Us Part I topped UK physical sales charts in opening weekend and dropped to fourth place by second week. UK chart for boxed sales are currently getting dominated by Fire Emblem Engage, latest release in Fire Emblem series.