Suicide Squad: KTJL Leak Reveals Battle Pass and More

A newly leaked image of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League test build hints at Battle Pass, in-game currencies and more.

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Suicide Squad: KTJL Leak Reveals Battle Pass and More

Getting delayed to spring 2023, upcoming action-adventure game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League by developer Rocksteady Studios receives a release date during The Game Awards 2022 event, scheduled to launch on May 26, 2023.

Although dev team has yet to share details regarding its gameplay before release, a recent leak suggests that Rocksteady's newest game Suicide Squad: KTJL will have elements of a live-service like a Battle Pass, currencies and a lot more.

After being leaked on 4chan forum, image from a recent test build of Suicide Squad game show variety of menus in-game. Fans are already debating on social media about how expensive live- service elements may be when it's released.

However, development source reportedly claims that a planned Battle Pass for Suicide Squad is solely focused on cosmetic items like skins. Also, in-game currencies are in fact XP to power up your character or customize their skill-trees.

Twitter user @the_marmolade shared a screenshot of alleged Battle Pass elements in Suicide Squad game.

Customizations effectively make these anti-heroes unique as you start with great stats and can be buffed, like Arkham Knight's Batman. Without much detail, Rocksteady called their game as a genre-bending, action-adventure shooter.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League lets you play as Task Force X members Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn and King Shark against world's greatest super heroes brainwashed by Brainiac through an open-world Metropolis.
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