Xbox Game Pass to Add Ravenlok, Redfall, Weird West and More

Latest lineup of Xbox Game Pass is adding Ravenlok, Redfall, Weird West: Definitive Edition and more for May 2023.

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Xbox Game Pass to Add Ravenlok, Redfall, Weird West and More

Joining in early this month, Microsoft Studios has announced upcoming lineup of games waiting to arrive for members of Xbox Game Pass across Android devices, Windows PC and Xbox family of cross-generation console systems this May.

Game Pass members can jump on board with 2023 first-person shooter Redfall from developer Arkane Austin and publisher Bethesda Softworks as you fight a legion of vampires and monsters across cloud, PC and Xbox Series X/S at launch.

Enter a lost land of terrifying monsters in 2023 indie action role-playing game Ravenlok to fight your way through. A returning entry to XGP, Definitive Edition of Weird West delves you to dark fantasy re-imagination of Wild West on XSX/S.

Experience three dystopian cyberpunk era tactical RPG games in Shadowrun Trilogy, coming to PC next week on Mat 9, 2023. Then thwart Taranis in upcoming tactical role-playing game Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 and make decisions count.

Later this month, Game Pass library will remove Before We Leave, Danganronpa 2: Anniversary Edition, Hearts of Iron IV, Her Story and Umurangi Generation: Special Edition for cloud, console and PC or you can purchase them for 20% off.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can enjoy a library of over 100 great games and a number of additional perks each month. Also check out special monthly quests playing Wasteland 2 and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty for handful of points.
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