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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Xbox Game Pass to Add No Man's Sky

Xbox Game Pass to add No Man's Sky next month for Game Pass Ultimate members on PC and consoles.

Though initially failed to live up to hype at launch, multiplayer action-adventure survival game No Man's Sky from developer/publisher Hello Games has eventually made a significant progress over past few years and lived up to its promises.

Ahead of June 2020, game director Sean Murray announces to add NMS to Xbox Game Pass for upcoming lineup of next month. Members on PC and Xbox One platform can jump on board very soon for some exciting planetary exploration.

xbox game pass no man's sky game pc xb1 2020 hello games
Xbox Game Pass to Add No Man's Sky

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NMS allows players to explore a procedurally generated massive open-world and venture through several quintillions of planets. You can join many interstellar voyagers during your journey and join together to survive or trade.

In terms of content, No Man's Sky saw a complete overhaul following launch of NEXT update, which coincided with its Xbox One release. After adding multiplayer feature, Hello Games improved the experience with Beyond update.

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There has been a steady supply of free content update that included further adjustments, bug-fixes and much more on a regular basis. Most recently, Living Ship update arrived in February and Exo Mech update was rolled in during April.

Now that Xbox Game Pass has amassed over 10 million active members, indie studio Hello Games wants them to explore an infinite universe of No Man's Sky across both platforms while they prepare more updates to release in future.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sea of Thieves Steam Release Date

Rare Studio announces Sea of Thieves pirate adventure to debut on Steam for PC players on June 3, 2020.

Up until now, open-world online action-adventure game Sea of Thieves were only accessible to over 10 million players on Windows PC using Microsoft Play Anywhere feature and on Xbox One console, with support for cross-platform play.

Back in April, developer Rare Studio and publisher Xbox Game Studios revealed to launch SoT on Steam very soon and an official release date is announced today to invite players across the platform to join together pirating on June 3, 2020.

sea of thieves steam pc release date rare studio xbox games studio pirate simulator open world mmo
Sea of Thieves Steam Release Date

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In anticipation of upcoming debut on Steam, a brand-new Sea of Thieves trailer is released by Rare Studio.

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For past two years since launch, player community has been sailing into adventurous journey on Microsoft systems. However, a large number of PC players were stranded on Steam platform that were eager to roam around world of SoT.

Beginners need to join a crew and learn how to sail to follow trails of treasure chests and often fighting skeleton enemies. You can start by jumping into narrative-based tutorials in Maiden Voyage before establishing yourself as a Pirate Legend.

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Encounter monstrous Megalodon in high seas, stumble onto Kraken, fight off rival gangs or lead a raid on a Skeleton Fort to claim loot. Switch into The Arena for some PvP gameplay action and take on challenges to unlock cosmetic items.

Sea of Thieves on Steam will have cross-play with players on Windows 10 and Xbox One, joining in same voyages on open seas. Bringing everyone to the table only means more fun in co-operative and competitive multiplayer online.

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Though debuted as a bare-bones experience, Rare has eventually expanded its sandbox over time. From its very first free content update The Hungering Deep to giant sized Anniversary Update, everything is rolled into one package.

Sea of Thieves will be launching on Steam as one of the biggest IP of current generation Xbox with a price tag of $39.99 only. All you have to do is to sign in with a free of charge Xbox Live account and link your game to Xbox gamertag.

Xbox Game Pass to Add Alan Wake, Minecraft: Dungeons and More

Bunch of new games are added to Xbox Game Pass including Alan Wake, Minecraft: Dungeons and more before May ends.

As we are nearing end of May, more games are heading to Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox One consoles very soon. Just like always, a new mix of titles have arrived to join current lineup of an ever expansive online library for members.

Latest entry in Game Pass brings excitement for all subscribers as they get to celebrate major milestones of two renowned franchises. Ultimate members can enjoy ad-free music on Spotify Premium for three months across select regions.

xbox game pass alan wake cities skylines minecraft dungeons plebby quest crusades xb1 2020
Xbox Game Pass to Add Alan Wake, Minecraft: Dungeons and More

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Alan Wake | Console, PC, Ultimate
In celebration for impending 10th anniversary of release, action-adventure survival horror title Alan Wake from developer/publisher Remedy Entertainment is joining Game Pass for players to explore a journey into psychological thriller.

Best-selling novelist Alan Wake goes to small town of Bright Falls during a vacation, where he loses his wife. As he begins investigating, Wake is stalked by a mysterious dark presence and finds him almost onto the brink of his sanity.

Alan Wake on Xbox Game Pass

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Cities: Skylines | Console, PC, Ultimate
A city-building simulation game that took many cues from Sim City but strives to be its own title, Cities: Skylines from developer Colossal Order and publisher Paradox Interactive focuses on creative ways to establish your metropolis.

In order to ensure growth of your town, you can build skyscrapers, divide them in districts, plan out roads, set tax rates and more. Though there are tons of aspects you need to manage to keep things going, you can do all of that with ease.

Cities: Skylines on Xbox Game Pass

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Minecraft: Dungeons | Console, PC, Ultimate
Another major celebration is due this month for iconic sandbox block builder game Minecraft, which turned eleven lately and an upcoming dungeon crawler spin-off created by Mojang Studios and Double Eleven is arriving soon.

Inspired by classic genre, Minecraft: Dungeons is an adventure for franchise fans to engage with friends or play solo where you face-off a vicious mobs for an epic battle and find treasure through various levels in an exciting experience.

Minecraft: Dungeons on Xbox Game Pass

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Plebby Quest: The Crusades | PC, Ultimate
Set during historic era of crusades in Europe and Middle East, turn-based strategy game Plebby Quest: The Crusades from developer PiedPipers Team and publisher Neowiz invites you to an ambitious dream of building your own legacy.

You can either chose to play Scenario mode for a story based journey or play any restriction to conquer world in Sandbox mode. A comical tone is added over every aspect of royal affairs and dealings to set everything in a very light manner.

Plebby Quest: The Crusades on Xbox Game Pass

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Games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Old Man's Journey, Opus Magnum and Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones are leaving Game Pass on May 29 unfortunately but you can buy them at 20% member discount.

Those who do not own a membership to Xbox Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate can sign up to try your first month for $1 only. Aside from access to more than 100 great games, you get all features of Xbox Live Gold and extra perks.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Minecraft Celebrates 11th Anniversary, Hits 200 Million Sales

On 11th Anniversary, Minecraft has reportedly sold over 200 million copies and 126 million players monthly.

Being one of the most influential video games of all time, sandbox survival game Minecraft has turned 11 years old recently and developer/publisher Mojang Studios decided to celebrate this occasion by releasing a few impressive numbers.

Most recently, Mojang has overhauled their brand with new logo, a brand-new trailer, changed their official name and even revealed an impressive overall sales numbers for Minecraft that has surpassed more than 200 million copies.

minecraft 11th anniversary 200 million sales 126 million active players mojang studios block builder pc xb1 xbox game pass
Minecraft Celebrates 11th Anniversary, Hits 200 Million Sales

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Last year during this time on its tenth anniversary, Mojang's popular block builder title has sold over 176 million copies at that time. This clearly indicates that a staggering 24 million more copies of Minecraft were sold in last year alone.

According to reports, 126 million people are actively playing Minecraft every month across multiple platforms. There has been a 25% increase in player count for past few months and multiplayer sessions have increased by 40%.

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Now that many schools were forced to shut down because of COVID-19 outbreak, Minecraft: Education Edition was made free until June to help students learn through engagement, which has been downloaded 50 million times since launch.

Mojang also partnered up with UNDP for a campaign to share COVID-19 prevention guidance provided by World Health Organization via BlockDown Simulator free map for Minecraft: Java Edition to teach kids policies of social distancing.

minecraft dungeons xbox game pass pc console mojang studios dungeon crawler spin off game
Minecraft: Dungeons Coming to Xbox Game Pass

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This year, Minecraft Earth was launched worldwide and RTX update beta was rolled out for PC version in association with Nvidia. Later this month, Minecraft: Dungeons will be joining Xbox Game Pass service and other platforms on May 26.

For entirety of 2019, Minecraft has dominated video-sharing platform YouTube with an astounding 100.2 billion views. It even surpassed Fortnite in popularity and views when YT's creator Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg joined the party.

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As part of their re-branding, Mojang Studios has revealed an updated logo ahead of Minecraft's birthday.

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Due to recent global crisis of Coronavirus pandemic, many are staying at home and logging into online multiplayer games. Amidst this tough time, people are relying on Minecraft to escape from day-to-day boredom of staying indoors.

Minecraft continues to dominate over gaming sphere by bringing more people closer than ever to cultivate our waning social connections between friends and families in the middle of a challenging time like ongoing year 2020.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Xbox Game Pass to Add DayZ, Final Fantasy IX, Halo 2 and More

Brand-new titles DayZ, Final Fantasy IX, Halo 2 and much more are joining Xbox Game Pass lineup in May.

Even before arrival of April 2020, some upcoming anticipated games were announced by Microsoft Studios in advance for Xbox Game Pass lineup on both PC and Xbox One this month to keep you busy having some fun time.

Game Pass Ultimate is available to sign up right now for $1 only, allowing you access to an ever so expansive library of games. Plus, there will be additional perks for members and trial offers on Free Play Days event every weekend.

xbox game pass dayz endless legend final fantasy 9 fractured minds halo 2 anniversary red dead redemption 2 xb1 2020
Xbox Game Pass to Add DayZ, Final Fantasy IX, Halo 2 and More

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DayZ | Console, Ultimate
Try to test your luck surviving in open-world survival game DayZ from developer/publisher Bohemia Interactive. Players will find themselves in a post-soviet country of Chernarus, where most of the people have turned into zombies.

Society has collapsed and a few remaining survivors are being hostile at each other over scarce resources. Your only goal is to stay alive somehow with any means necessary by thinking smart as there is no second chance for any mistakes.

xbox game pass 2020 dayz bohemia interactive xb1
DayZ on Xbox Game Pass

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Endless Legend | PC, Ultimate
Set in a fantasy premise, turn-based strategy game Endless Legend from developer Amplitude Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive tasks you to engage in survival of a planet and its populace with limited manpower and resources.

Chose and then lead your people from one of eight civilizations during cold seasons and explore randomly generated worlds. Crack down on small rebellion and prepare your brave warriors to face an unknown threat upon Auriga at any time.

xbox game pass 2020 endless legend amplitude studios iceberg interactive pc
Endless Legend on Xbox Game Pass

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Final Fantasy IX | Console, PC, Ultimate
One of the best entries in Final Fantasy series, role-playing video game Final Fantasy IX goes back to franchise roots with an epic story featuring characters that you can relate to and they will engage in battles to culminate a grand finale.

You play as Zidane Tribal, who plans on kidnapping princess Garnet of Alexandria with aid from his group of bandits but she was already planning to flee home and they ended up joining to her cause of stopping her mother, Queen Brahne.

xbox game pass 2020 final fantasy 9 square enix pc xb1
Final Fantasy IX on Xbox Game Pass

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Fractured Minds | Console, Ultimate
Dealing with anxiety and using her own love for gaming, British game designer Emily Mitchell developed puzzle role-playing game Fractured Minds at age 17 to send out a note of empathy to people who shares similar mental issues.

Players will be in control of an unknown protagonist character who would deal with a number of emotional challenges through different chapters in first-person, each sharing a vital message regarding support for mental health issues.

xbox game pass 2020 fractured minds emily mitchell wired productions xb1
Fractured Minds on Xbox Game Pass

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Halo: Master Chief Collection: Halo 2 | PC, Ultimate
After 16 years of its original debut, 2004 acclaimed first-person shooter game Halo 2: Anniversary joins Game Pass as part of Halo: Master Chief Collection alongside other series titles to build up anticipation for Halo Infinite.

After first Halo ring gets destroyed, Master Chief returns to Earth for a sequel to fight against an invasion of a Covenant fleet. He learns about very dark secrets amidst battle that will change ongoing Human/Covenant conflict forever.

xbox game pass 2020 halo 2 anniversary 343 industries xbox game studios pc
Halo 2: Anniversary on Xbox Game Pass

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Red Dead Redemption 2 | Console, Ultimate
Arguably one of the best tales of Wild West in recent gaming history, 2018 action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 by developer/publisher Rockstar Games marks third installment of Red Dead series, focused on outlaw Arthur Morgan.

Arthur and his associates in Van der Linde gang led by Dutch gets into conflict with wrong people and are forced to leave Blackwater town. Trouble will follow around and Morgan tries to protect his chosen family with best of his efforts.

xbox game pass 2020 red dead redemption 2 rockstar games xb1
Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox Game Pass

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Games that are leaving Game Pass by May 15 are Doom, Grand Theft Auto V, Imperator: Rome, Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Banner Saga, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and more but you can own them at 20% off before they are out.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can listen to six months of ad-free music on Spotify Premium as their latest perk. Subscribers from other countries out of United States can enjoy the promotional offer for three months only.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Xbox Golden Week Sale 2020

Microsoft is offering up to 85% discount for Xbox Golden Week Sale 2020 on games to celebrate Japanese national holiday.

To celebrate Golden Week; a series of Japanese national holidays, a curated list of popular titles from Japanese developers are up for a major sale in Xbox Golden Week Sale that kick-started on April 29 and will conclude in May 5, 2020.

A wide array of games from action-adventure to action RPG, fighting, survival horror and more have become a part of a big discount deal. You can start shopping from $1.99 only and are very much likely to find a few good ones for a few bucks.

xbox golden week sale 2020 dragon ball z kakarot final fantasy 12 the zodiac age monster hunter world iceborne phoenix wright ace attorney trilogy xb1 microsoft studios
Xbox Golden Week Sale 2020

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Dedicated fans of Dragon Ball anime TV series can save up to 75% on 2D fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ: FighterZ Edition. Then add 2015 role-playing game Dragon Ball Xenoverse to your collection for an even reduced rate of 85% off.

If none of them interests you then check out more recently released action RPG title Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Deluxe Edition, collecting Cooking Item, HP Stat boosts, Ki-ATK and Season Pass alongside main game for 33% markdown.

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Become part of an adventure with renowned photo journalist Frank West amidst a zombie apocalypse in Dead Rising and then as former motocross rider in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record for a solid 70% slashed rate.

Majority of Final Fantasy action role-playing series is for sale at 50% off including Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD.

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A breakout success of 2018 from developer/publisher Capcom and latest installment of action role-playing game Monster Hunter franchise, base game of Monster Hunter: World is currently available for half of its original retail price.

You can save up another 25% discount on either of Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition of its follow-up DLC expansion pack Iceborne. Or better yet, grab onto Iceborne Master Edition at 33%, which is bundled with MHW main game.

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Capcom has reinvented visual novel Phoenix Wright game series last year in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which brings back iconic courtroom drama adventure of all 14 episodes to modern platforms and is now up for sale at 50%.

One of Capcom's long-running series and pioneer to survival horror genre, almost entire mainline Resident Evil games are on a great sale. Get a 60% off on purchase for both Resident Evil 0 and remastered HD version of Resident Evil.

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A modern day revival of 1998 classic, Resident Evil 2 Remake Standard and Deluxe Edition are available for 50% less. Then save some more on second RE trilogy consisting of Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 at 60% discount.

With rumor of Resident Evil 8 being in development for a 2021 release, now is a good time as any to try out Resident Evil 7 since there is a 25% price off, or grab onto Gold Edition for getting RE7 base game and Season Pass content half cost.

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Both Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and Valkyria Chronicles 4 are ready to be yours for half of their asking price. Dead or Alive 6, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience will go down at 60%.

Aside from Golden Week, Microsoft is also hosting Activision Publisher Sale and Spring Add-On with select Xbox One titles. If you are a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then be sure to check out your extensive catalog of games as well

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Xbox Live Gold Free Games for May 2020

Xbox Live Gold will be adding free games like Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr and Overlord II for members on May 2020.

With only a few days remaining for next month to finally arrive, upcoming lineup of latest free Games With Gold titles on Xbox consoles are already revealed ahead of May 2020 for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Until we move to May, Xbox Live Gold members can still download and play games from April, except Fable Anniversary. Then starting from May 1, players can access newest rally of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 until May 31, 2020.

xbox live gold free games may 2020 v rally 4 warhammer 40k inquisitor martyr sensible world of soccer overlord 2 xb1
Xbox Live Gold Free Games for May 2020

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V-Rally 4
Players are invited to enjoy thrills of drifts and rally cross in racing game V-Rally 4 from developer Kylotonn and Bigben Interactive. Every beloved aspect of known series has returned but career mode turns out to be a let-down.

You can hop into and customize a car manufactured by companies like Norma, Porsche and Skoda on international courses. So, ride your way to glory on famous vehicles over dangerous tracks to overcome unfriendly condition.

v rally 4 xbox live gold free game kylotonn bigben interactive xb1
V-Rally 4 on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr
Assume the role of a powerful agent of Imperium as a mighty Inquisitor in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr. An action role-playing game, Martyr is played top-down perspective with melee and ranged attacks for three different classes.

You are on a holy quest to eradicate any and all aliens, cultists or heretics opposing God Emperor as his mighty agent. You can either play solo or party up with friends across several multiplayer modes to establish order on 40K universe.

warhammer 40k inquisitor martyr xbox live gold free game neocore games xb1
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr on Xbox Live Gold Free Games

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Sensible World of Soccer
Belonged to a lesser known soccer game franchise, Sensible World of Soccer by developer Sensible Software and publisher Microsoft Studios follows a gameplay mechanics with simple directions that was released for Xbox 360 consoles.

There is a career mode that lets you manage a football club for many seasons with basic options. Each team consists of 16 players' squad and all of them are versed in particular skills that helps determine their price to exchange clubs.

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Overlord II
Another action RPG that made it into Games With Gold, Overlord II hails from developer Triumph Studios and publisher Codemasters, which lets you play as warrior character who commands a small army of minions to do his bidding.

These goblin-like creatures often roam in hordes to follow you around everywhere and establish your rule by force if needed. At some point, you get to play as one of them as well to have more control over the outcome of your actions.

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Available via backward compatibility, Overlord II and Sensible World of Soccer offers a nostalgia trip for players on Xbox 360 consoles. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can enjoy all features of Xbox Live Gold and get access to over 100 games.

For past few months, Xbox Live Gold has been failing to garner positive response from members mostly because of the games they are offering. Despite most of them having a decent critic approval, many have never even heard about them.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Xbox Game Pass to Add Red Dead Redemption 2

Xbox Game Pass to add Red Dead Redemption 2 next month for Game Pass Ultimate members, with access to Red Dead Online.

One of the most-anticipated releases of 2018, Western action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 from developer/publisher Rockstar Games made its debut on consoles and sold over 29 million copies worldwide till date.

In an epic revelation, Microsoft has announced to bring this masterpiece to their monthly subscription-based service Xbox Game Pass next month on May 7, which players can preload on consoles now using companion mobile app.

xbox game pass red dead redemption 2 game xb1 2020 rockstar games
Xbox Game Pass to Add Red Dead Redemption 2

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RDR2 takes place during Wild West era of 1899, revolving around outlaw Arthur Morgan and his associates in Van der Linde gang who on the run from bounty hunters and federal agents while trying to survive by robbing or stealing and fight.

Rockstar Games received universal praise for story-telling approach of RDR2 and its open-world gameplay experience. Their attention to extensive details to all of its beloved characters and settings from Western roots was impressive.

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Game Pass has added console version of 2013 action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V, one of the best-selling video game of all time by Rockstar Games to their lineup back in January without making a fuss about it in advance.

Similarly, they are currently adding only Xbox One version of Red Dead Redemption 2 to Xbox Game Pass library that includes story mode, Photo Mode feature and access to multiplayer component Red Dead Online for all members.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Xbox Game Pass to Add Gears Tactics, The Long Dark and More

Latest lineup of Xbox Game Pass titles includes Gato Roboto, Gears Tactics, The Long Dark and much more.

Only weeks after announcing a new lineup, Xbox Game Pass is back with some more games for its members to play on PC and Xbox One. Throughout this month of April, these titles will become available for all members on both platforms.

In a time when almost everyone is stuck at home, having a few extra games being added to an ever-extending library of Game Pass service is surely nice for its subscribers and it gives you more value for your money at the same time.

xbox game pass deliver us the moon gato roboto gears tactics hyperdot levelhead machinarium the long dark xb1 2020
Xbox Game Pass to Add Gears Tactics, The Long Dark and More

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Deliver Us The Moon | Console, PC, Ultimate
A sci-fi thriller that largely focuses on its narrative, Deliver Us The Moon may come to many as a walking simulator because of how developer KeokeN Interactive and publisher Wired Productions has intended its plot premise to unfold.

In a future, where Earth is depleted of natural resources player character assume the role of an astronaut with a mission to save entire planet. Though there are not too much to do in terms of gameplay but you can explore in space a whole lot.

xbox game pass 2020 deliver us the moon keokeN interactive wired productions pc xb1
Deliver Us The Moon on Xbox Game Pass

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Gato Roboto | Console, PC, Ultimate
Clearly inspired by metroidvania genre of games, indie platformer Gato Roboto from developer Doinksoft is making its way to Game Pass later this month and you will soon find out how it is like to be a cat and go on a rampage wearing a mech.

Rendered entirely in minimalistic black and white retro-style design, you play as a furry feline who takes on a long journey of going through alien life-forms and perilous environment to save your captain stuck inside a crashed spaceship.

xbox game pass 2020 gato roboto doinksoft devolver digital pc xb1
Gato Roboto on Xbox Game Pass

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Gears Tactics | PC, Ultimate
A turn-based tactics by original developer Splash Damage in association with The Coalition that serves as a spin-off, Gears Tactics is set within Gears of War universe and will soon debut as a prequel series title from Xbox Game Studios.

Moving away from shooter roots, GT plays out from a top-down perspective and lets you take control of a squad with various objectives. Each mission will usually begin with a brief cinematic and then lead to a major boss-fight at the end.

xbox game pass 2020 gears tactics xbox game studios splash damage the coalition pc xb1
Gears Tactics on Xbox Game Pass

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HyperDot | Console, PC, Ultimate
Showcased during E3 2019, minimal action arcade title HyperDot from developer Tribe Games centers around one ground rule that by any means, you have to dodge almost everything that shows up on screen and comes to get you.

You take control of a small circle inside a larger circle where many other objects will be heading towards you for a certain time until you complete an objective or solve puzzle and there are a variety of ways to add twists to its primary law.

xbox game pass 2020 hyperdot tribe games glitch pc xb1
HyperDot on Xbox Game Pass

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Levelhead | Console, PC, Ultimate
In platformer maker game Levelhead by developer/publisher Butterscotch Shenanigans, players take control of a delivery robot GR-18 who works for premiere package delivery corporation, Bureau of Shipping to transport goods across galaxy.

There are many challenging levels to complete and create new ones using level editor to build designs of your dreams in workshop. Then you can conquer them on your own as well as share with online community for others to try them out.

xbox game pass 2020 levelhead butterscotch shenanigans pc xb1
Levelhead on Xbox Game Pass

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Machinarium | PC, Ultimate
A well made point-and-click game by developer/publisher Amanita Design that puts more weight on exploratin and some minor puzzle solving, Machinarium is an artistic adventure with no dialogue or texts but only thought bubbles.

In a strange world of machines, your playable robot character Josef who embarks a journey of discovery from a junkyard. After setting foot on the city, he recalls events of his life from past and came across rivals in Black Cap Brotherhood.

xbox game pass 2020 machinarium amanita design pc xb1
Machinarium on Xbox Game Pass

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The Long Dark | Console, PC, Ultimate
In first-person survival game The Long Dark from developer/publisher Hinterland Studio, you play as a bush pilot who desperately tries to find means and save his own life somehow after he ended up crash-landing in Canadian wilderness.

In order to stay alive, players must look for foods, get to heal any wounds, have proper rest and try to stay warm. When scavenging for resources, keep an eye on a wild bear that is coming at you or a pack of wolves trying to swarm you.

xbox game pass 2020 the long dark hinterland studio pc xb1
The Long Dark on Xbox Game Pass

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Titles that are leaving Game Pass soon includes Bomber Crew, Braid, Fallout 4, Full Metal Furies, Metal Slug 3, RUINER, Silence: The Whispered World 2, Smoke and Sacrifice, The Banner Saga 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Order on April 30.

If you want to keep playing any and all of these games, then use Xbox Game Pass membership to get 20% discount on purchase or sign up your first month by spending only $1, if you don't have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription just yet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Xbox Game Pass to Add Journey to the Savage Planet, Stranger Things 3 and More

Newest batch of games for Xbox Game Pass includes Journey to the Savage Planet, Stranger Things 3: The Game and more.

In a time of distress when almost everyone is busy practicing social-distancing, you can surely get busy playing some video games to fight boredom and Xbox Game Pass service has a collection of over 100 great titles to choose from.

Latest monthly lineup update for Game Pass service allow members access to brand-new games, some of which are already available. Also don't miss out Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and Gears 5 this week on Free Play Days.

xbox game pass alvastia chronicles football manager 2020 journey to the savage planet mistover nier: automata stranger things 3: the game totally reliable delivery service xb1 2020
Xbox Game Pass to Add Journey to the Savage Planet, Stranger Things 3 and More

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Alvastia Chronicles | Console, PC, Ultimate
A retro-styled turn-based RPG title from last year, Alvastia Chronicles follows story of a young hero named Alan who is set out on a life-long journey to avenge his parents and protect his young sister Elmia by fighting monsters.

There are over 100 NPCs that player can recruit into party as companions though recruitment management system. Alan works to restore peace to Alvastia and can assign these characters into small teams to go after various objectives.

xbox game pass 2020 alvastia chronicles exe create inc kemco pc xb1
Alvastia Chronicles on Xbox Game Pass

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Football Manager 2020 | PC, Ultimate
Fans of soccer games can try out Football Manager 2020, a management simulation that tries to fully live up to its name. Instead of playing in field, you will be busy strategizing your moves to run a successful football club in FM20.

You can either run things in typical way just to progress somehow or pour your attention into each detail to achieve certain goals. Those who want to be long-term managers can plan their way to expected achievements with enough time.

xbox game pass football manager 2020 sports interactive sega of america pc
Football Manager 2020 on Xbox Game Pass

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Journey to the Savage Planet | Console, Ultimate
Made its debut earlier this year, first-person Metroidvania adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet by developer Typhoon Studios and publisher by 505 Games is exactly what its namesake suggests with lots of hostile aliens.

You work for space exploration company Kindred Aerospace and are now stuck in an alien planet ARY-26. You have to explore its uncharted territory, check possibility of human colonization and find a way to get back home.

xbox game pass 2020 journey to the savage planet typhoon studios 505 games xb1
Journey to the Savage Planet on Xbox Game Pass

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Mistover | PC, Ultimate
A roguelike RPG title by developer/publisher KRAFTON Inc. that is rich in art-style but slightly lacks in story, Mistover is a journey of a survivors group called Corps trying to repel an invasion of dreadful creatures originated from Pillar of Despair.

Its gameplay elements involve a healthy amount of dungeon-crawling while keeping tabs on your replenishments on the go. Even after clearing all objectives and defeating most enemies, a remaining few of them can spell doom for you.

xbox game pass 2020 mistover krafton pc
Mistover on Xbox Game Pass

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NieR: Automata | Console, Ultimate
In celebration for 10th anniversary of NieR series, publisher Square Enix is adding 2017 action role-playing game Nier: Automata to Game Pass. Xbox version is titled Become as Gods Edition that additionally includes a few character skins.

Automata is a story of man-made androids fighting against alien machines that offers several playthroughs and even more endings. Gameplay mechanics heavily employs hack and slash-style combat with elements of role-playing.

xbox game pass 2020 square enix platinum games inc xb1
NieR: Automata on Xbox Game Pass

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Stranger Things 3: The Game | PC, Ultimate
Based on acclaimed third season of Netflix original sci-fi thriller series, 2019 beat 'em up game Stranger Things 3: The Game from developer/publisher BonusXP features all of your favorite characters rendered in 80's style pixel art design.

Going back to Hawkins once again, you will come across Eleven, Police chief Jim Hopper, high school student Steve Harrington and more. Join in local co-op or go solo in an adventure to save townsfolk from uncanny threats of The Upside Down.

xbox game pass 2020 stranger things 3 netflix bonus xp pc
Stranger Things 3: The Game on Xbox Game Pass

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service | Console, Ultimate
A ragdoll physics simulator from developer We're Five Games and publisher TinyBuild Games that is built with intent to create funny situations while making deliveries, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is for you to go nuts and don't care.

Making chaos all the way is what it offers mostly and that sounds like an experience to have with friends in online multiplayer. Your customers can wait on their deliveries when you are busy making fool of yourself in its open-world.

xbox game pass 2020 totally reliable delivery service we're five games tiny build xb1
Totally Reliable Delivery Service on Xbox Game Pass

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Regular membership to Xbox Game Pass on console usually costs $9.99 only for a month and Game Pass Ultimate comes at $14.99 monthly with all perks of Xbox Live Gold service but you can now sign up for just $1 for your first month.

Players on Xbox One living in U.S. can now donate to CDC Foundation for Coronavirus response efforts through Microsoft Rewards app. By playing select games or completing quests you will be donating $1 for each 1,000 Rewards points.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Sea of Thieves Coming to Steam

Released exclusively for Windows PC and Xbox One back in March 2018, Sea of Thieves is finally coming to Steam.

Debuted as one of the most-anticipated titles of 2018, popular open-world pirate adventure title Sea of Thieves from developer Rare Studio and publisher Microsoft Studios currently boasts a community of over 10 million players.

In a recent official announcement, Microsoft has revealed that Sea of Thieves is heading over to Steam very soon, which would have support for cross-platform play with other Pirate Legends on Windows PC platform and Xbox One console.

sea of thieves steam pc release rare studio xbox games studio pirate simulator open world mmo
Sea of Thieves Coming to Steam

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Microsoft has been promoting Sea of Thieves as a flagship title for Xbox Game Pass subscription service from very beginning. SoT is a quirky pirate simulator that initially garnered mixed reception but became better with a series of updates.

During its two year-long run, pirates have fended off killer Kraken, fought Megalodons and looted Skeleton Forts throughout many adventures. There will be more of these legendary tales when SoT will finally arrive on Valve's storefront.

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In 2019, Xbox chief Phil Spencer expressed plans to offer more choice to players deciding where they want to buy their PC games from. Rare Studio has yet to announce a release window for Steam but players can add SoT to wishlist now.

Sea of Thieves initially launched two years ago on Microsoft Store as an Xbox-exclusive, which will now be joining alongside Gears 5, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and State of Decay 2 on Steam as latest Xbox Game Studios title.