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The Medium Live-Action Trailer

Bloober Team releases a new live-action trailer for Xbox-exclusive psychological horror game The Medium. The Medium Live-Action Trailer Postponed for a month due to COVID-19 pandemic, upcoming highly-anticipated psychological horror game The Medium  for PC and Xbox Series X / S  from developer/publisher Bloober Team is scheduled to launch on January 28, 2021. Only a week after revealing an extended gameplay trailer earlier this month, Bloober Team has released a new live-action trailer for The Medium , offering a brief glimpse at its terrifying story premise and roster of primary characters. RELATED: Elden Ring Reportedly is Like Dark Souls With Larger Map The Medium live-action trailer takes a peek behind a tragic mystery with a suspenseful musical backdrop. RELATED: Nintendo Acquires Next Level Games Latest release of live-action trailer sheds light on major characters including Marianne, who is a titular medium, a mysterious man named Thomas, spirit of a young dead girl called S

The Medium Gameplay Overview

Bloober Team reveals brand-new gameplay overview trailer for The Medium, showing dual-reality system and The Maw. The Medium Gameplay Overview Because of ongoing global situation for COVID-19 pandemic, developer/publisher Bloober Team had to delay release of upcoming highly-anticipated psychological horror title The Medium  for PC and Xbox Series X / S to January 28, 2021. Weeks ahead of launch, Bloober Team offers an extended look at The Medium gameplay in a newly released trailer, featuring lead character Marianne going through a number of ominous events as she walks into two plane of reality. RELATED: NieR: Automata Player Finds Secret Cheat Code to Skip Entire Game The Medium showcases its various unique gameplay features in about 15-minutes long of latest footage. RELATED: Capcom to Launch Resident Evil Online Portal in Early 2021 Marianne is the titular Medium goes to investigate a haunted hotel where she came across an apparition of a little girl named Sadness. She was

The Medium Delayed to January 2021

Polish developer studio Bloober Team delays release of Xbox Series X/S-exclusive The Medium to early 2021. The Medium Delayed to January 2021 One of the highly-anticipated games for  PC  and exclusive to  Xbox Series X / S  console, upcoming psychological horror title The Medium from developer/publisher Bloober Team features a very unique, genre-defining gameplay system. According to official statement shared on Twitter, due to ongoing COVID-19 situation in Poland and changing schedule of other games,  The Medium  will no longer be launched in December and has been delayed to January 28, 2021. RELATED: Control Next-Gen Release Delayed to 2021 Of course, Bloober Team never wanted to postpone one of their most ambitious projects but recent circumstances regarding Coronavirus as well as new schedule of other games has forced them to push back previous release date. Acclaimed developers of The Medium are probably hinting at latest delays of Cyberpunk 2077 , now moved to December 10, 20

Konami Denies Silent Hill Reboot Rumors

Official spokesperson for Konami US denies recent rumors of a Silent Hill reboot and Hideo Kojima's cancelled project. Konami Denies Silent Hill Reboot Rumors Within survival horror genre, Silent Hill series is one of the best among its peers and after a planned reboot was cancelled back in 2015 due to a breakup between Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami , the series went into hiatus. Most recently, reports of a possible revival for Silent Hills project by Sony Interactive Entertainment came out from few trusted sources. However, a Konami PR representative reveals that these latest rumors are not true at all. RELATED: Sony Wants to Buy Castlevania, Metal Gear and Silent Hill from Konami When reached out, a spokesperson confirms that all recent reports of a series reboot are not true. Rely On Horror staff members then requests for some clarification on alleged rumors and they proceed to giveaway more information. Sony attempting to revive Silent Hills title is just a buzz but

Konami and Hideo Kojima Rumored to Work on Silent Hills Reboot

Recent rumors suggest that Hideo Kojima and Konami will team up to revive Silent Hill franchise through a reboot. When a massive dispute between Hideo Kojima and developer/publisher Konami has led to the former to leave company back in 2015, an attempted reboot of fan-favorite Silent Hill survival horror series was being shelved for good. Earlier this year, there was a rumor of Konami working on two new titles from their iconic series. A latest rumor suggests that Sony is apparently trying to revive Silent Hills for PlayStation 5 console with Kojima and Konami on board. Konami and Hideo Kojima Rumored to Work on Silent Hills Reboot RELATED: New Silent Hill and Fatal Frame Movie Announced by Original Director Shortly after Kojima's departure, Komani has cancelled his ambitious project and removed its demo titled P.T. ("playable teaser") from PlayStation Store and even after five years of its cancellation, fans are still clamoring to bring it back.

New Silent Hill and Fatal Frame Movie Announced by Original Director

Original Silent Hill movie director Christophe Gans will return for new Silent Hill and a Fatal Frame movie. When director Christophe Gans ( Brotherhood of the Wolf , Saint Ange ) made a live-action adaptation of Silent Hill back in 2006, it got barely noticed by franchise fans, regardless of which a lackluster sequel was made in 2012 anyway. In a recent interview with French website Allocine , Gans has revealed that he is currently busy working on a film adaption of survival horror game series Fatal Frame AKA Project Zero and returning to direct a new Silent Hill movie as well. New Silent Hill and Fatal Frame Movie Announced by Original Director RELATED: Silent Hills P.T. Remake for PC by Fan His former project will be set in Japan due to its roots are inspired from many cultural aspects of haunted house setting. Latter film will project atmosphere of a small American town that has been devastated by Puritan movements. For his latest projects, Gans will be colla

Project: Mara Announced

Hellblade developer Ninja Theory does a surprise reveal of their latest work-in-development titled Project: Mara. Having delivered fan-favorite games like DmC: Devil May Cry , Heavenly Sword and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice in past, developer Ninja Theory has recently revealed their upcoming brand-new experimental title Project: Mara . Trying to explore a new of storytelling in video game, their latest in-development game will largely focus on mental terror but instead of taking a fantasy-esque setting, Mara would set on real-world surroundings for a grounded experience. Project: Mara Announced RELATED: Summerford Teaser Trailer A brief teaser trailer for Project: Mara is just released that offers a primary idea of its ominous story premise. RELATED: Bleeding Edge Closed Beta Release Date Opening shot of the trailer begins with a shot of a corridor with heavy-breathing sound in background. A female character is seen fearfully looking around to get out and

P.T. Modder Finds Way to Explore Silent Hills Town

Latest hack for P.T., "Playable Teaser" lets player take a look outside at surrounding town of Silent Hills. It has been a while since developer/publisher Konami has pulled the plug on a demo for their iconic survival horror series reboot titled P.T. , yet there are legion of curious fans who still wants to know more about that playable teaser. Lately, a modder named Lance McDonald has been digging deep into its depths to pull out never-before-seen contents from the short-lived demo and one of his most recent attempts have let him walk around whole town of Silent Hills . P.T. Modder Finds Way to Explore Silent Hills Town RELATED: P.T. Camera Hack Reveals Player Character to Be Norman Reedus McDonald has made discovery of P.T. details such as players are at all times being followed by antagonist Lisa and character model of protagonist bears likeness to actor Norman Reedus ( The Boondock Saints , The Walking Dead ) earlier. Trying to access way to outside of

P.T. Camera Hack Reveals Player Character to Be Norman Reedus

A recent camera hack for P.T., Silent Hills "Playable Teaser" shows Norman Reedus to be the guy you play as. In an attempt to reinvent popular survival horror series Silent Hill , developer/publisher Konami had game director Hideo Kojima to work on a demo titled P.T. for a now cancelled Silent Hills project that was launched on PlayStation Network in 2014. Despite it being scrapped, people seem to be making new discoveries within "Playable Teaser" every now and then. A recent camera hack reveals player character to be actor Norman Reedus ( The Boondock Saints , The Walking Dead ) all along. P.T. Camera Hack Reveals Player Character to Be Norman Reedus RELATED: Dauntless Out On Switch, Adds Cross-Play Video game hacker Lance McDonald has unearthed many other secrets in P.T. earlier using camera trickery. Reedus appearing as in-game character shouldn't be a surprise for those who originally completed the demo though. After completing all crypt

Layers of Fear and Q.U.B.E. 2 Free on Epic Games Store Now

This week, Epic Games Store free game giveaway adds Layers of Fear and Q.U.B.E. 2 for PC platform. Another week of free games giveaway madness returns as Epic Games invites players on PC platform to visit their online digital storefront Epic Games Store for a new batch and add these titles to their library of collection to own forever. For this week, both Layers of Fear and Q.U.B.E. 2 have made it to their freebie games lineup and starting from today, claim them any time you wish before October 31, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT with a free EGS account. Layers of Fear and Q.U.B.E. 2 Free on Epic Games Store Now RELATED: Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Trailer In more follow-up to past weeks, developer/publisher Bloober Team brings one of their much known psychological horror games that have a commendable reputation, which eventually lead to a sequel for Layers of Fear this year. Then enjoy physics-based puzzle title Q.U.B.E. 2 from developer Toxic Games and publisher Ten Hu

Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Observer Free on Epic Games Store Now

On this week's game giveaway, Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Observer are available at Epic Games Store for free. In due time to drop their latest freebie, Epic Games has some new titles at their digital storefront Epic Games Store this week and players on PC platform can grab two games for free to add to their online library. Starting from now on, you can head over straight to Epic Store and sign in to your free account to claim both Alan Wake's American Nightmare and >observer_ within any given time until October 24, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT. Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Observer Free on Epic Games Store Now RELATED: Zombie Army 4: Dead War Release Date American Nightmare comes to fans of Alan Wake franchise as close to a follow-up release that is not a true sequel from developer Remedy Entertainment . Despite being an action-thriller, it has noticeable tones of psychological horror genre. Observer hails from horror-centric develop

Control DLC May Have Alan Wake Crossover

Recently revealed post-launch DLC content for Control may finally tie in to story of Alan Wake in 2020. In a recent venture with publisher 505 Games , developer Remedy Entertainment has seen critical and commercial success with release of action-adventure game Control on PC via Epic Games Store , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . According to their latest announcement for upcoming post-launch content roadmap for the game, two new expansions are revealed and one of them is clearly teasing a tie-in to 2010 supernatural horror universe of Alan Wake . Control DLC May Have Alan Wake Crossover RELATED: Control Post-Launch Content Roadmap Before Control , Finnish developer Remedy made a reputation with critically acclaimed psychological thriller title Alan Wake . Although there was a stand-alone follow-up title Alan Wake's American Nightmare , fans never got a true sequel. Players have already found clues, documents and Easter eggs during their mind-bending exploration of

Alan Wake and For Honor Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store returns this week to giveaway two new PC games, Alan Wake and For Honor for free. In a running streak of offering players free games on PC platform, Epic Games continue to bring more new titles to their digital storefront Epic Games Store and their giveaway lineup has been slowly improving in each passing week. Freebie titles are now being offered on a weekly basis on Epic Store and this week, players will be able to grab two new games into their collection with a free account and it has to be done before August 9, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT. Alan Wake and For Honor Free on Epic Games Store Now RELATED: MechWarrior 5 delayed to December, Will Be Epic Games Store Exclusive People can head over to Epic Games Store to pick up PC version of Alan Wake and For Honor , a psychological thriller and a medieval action fighting game from developer/publisher Remedy Entertainment and Ubisoft respectively. Alan Wake takes you on a mysterious journey of a best-

Remedy Entertainment Acquires Alan Wake

Publishing rights for Alan Wake mystery adventure game series goes back to Remedy Entertainment from Microsoft. After their successful run on Max Payne series in early 2000's, Finnish developer studio Remedy Entertainment partnered up with Microsoft Studios to work on their action-adventure title Alan Wake of 2010 that would receive critically acclaim. Despite garnering positive response from all, they could never make a proper sequel without getting approval of its publisher. Lately, Remedy gains publishing rights for their highly praised supernatural thriller franchise from Microsoft . Remedy Entertainment Acquires Alan Wake RELATED: Alan Wake is Back on Steam In addition to acquire full rights to their original mystery adventure game series, developers have also accepted a one-time royalty payment worth €2.5 million during second half of 2019 for past sales of previously-released games. Although there are no words on whether they will go for a remake or a fu

Alan Wake is Back on Steam

Alan Wake has returned to online storefronts after resolving big licensing issue that forced the game to suspend sales. Developer Remedy Entertainment ’s critically acclaimed action-adventure title Alan Wake from 2010 has become a topic of discussion long after the announcement of a live-action TV series based on the game was made back in last month. Earlier the game was removed from all available online marketplaces because of a licensing issue and after an absence for more than a year now, it is back again on popular digital storefronts like , Humble Store and Steam . Alan Wake is Back on Steam RELATED: Alan Wake TV Series Confirmed In May 2017, the developers faced a problem with the usage of licensed music rights that needed renegotiating and until they could, the game couldn't be on sale. So, before taking the game down, they offered a 90% discount for the title on Steam . It was really an unfortunate event for the psycho-thriller adventure from Remed

Xbox Game Pass Adds Dead Island: Riptide, Outlast and More

Spook yourself with a bit of Halloween terror with games like Dead Island: Riptide, Outlast and more in Xbox Game Pass. We are only weeks away from Halloween and even Michael Myers is coming back this year to start his killing spree once again. To celebrate this holiday, Xbox Game Pass has arranged a creepy event and added four new games to the catalog today. So, whether you head to theaters to see the new Halloween movie or stay at home with your Xbox One console for some hardcore gaming night, you've got it covered either way. We suggest you keep playing until you need to take a break and then go see the movie. Sounds like a plan? Xbox Game Pass Adds Dead Island: Riptide, Outlast and More RELATED: Xbox Live Gold Free Games for October 2018 You like getting mobbed up by flesh-eating zombies? How about an outbreak in the middle of a distant island? Don't worry, it is done. Want to get the taste of a different type of survival horror? That can be arranged as wel

Alan Wake TV Series Confirmed

Showrunner Pete Calloway joins on board for developing a live-action TV series on Alan Wake franchise. Video game movies have a rough history of failing to please a larger audience or even dedicated fans. So, adapting the story to a small scale for television is a less risky venture. With every other successful games are being adapted into TV series for Netflix or other major channels, atmospheric adventure-horror title Alan Wake is announced to be made into a live-action series for television, which is confirmed today by developer studio Remedy Entertainment and Contradiction Films . Alan Wake TV Series Confirmed RELATED: Henry Cavill to Star in Netflix’s The Witcher Sam Lake, who originally conceived the plot for the game will be serving as executive producer while Peter Calloway ( Cloak & Dagger , Legion ) will join him on board as showrunner. A number of studios are interested to pick up the pitch and they want to start shooting by October. Despite having pop

Konami Shuts Down Silent Hills P.T. Remake

Publisher Konami has taken down the fan-made Silent Hills P.T. Remake by a 17-year-old game developer. In an attempt to reinvent Silent Hills franchise, video game publisher studio Konami roped in Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro ( Pan’s Labyrinth , The Shape of Water ) for a collaboration. They came up with P.T. or "Playable Teaser" in 2014 but then suddenly got scrapped even before Kojima left the company. For long it stayed on PlayStation store but was pulled from there in 2015. However, it still existed in places and one recent form was a latest PC port by a dedicated fan. Konami Shuts Down Silent Hills P.T Remake RELATED: Silent Hills P.T Remake for PC by Fan A 17-year-old game developer going by the name Qimsar has taken over a herculean task of doing a complete remake of the first-person psychological horror for PC . He self-taught himself to do it by using Unreal Engine 4 and have done a commendable job making a port of the game for PC , so that