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Payday 3 Confirmed

Back in 2015, there was a strike of the team of Steam moderators for Payday 2 regarding its controversial microtransaction system despite previous assurance from developer Overkill Studios of never using them. The issue was later sorted when the studio arranged random drops of those items for concurrent Payday 2 players because it gave birth to a small outrage against Overkill . They even tried to justify their action by explaining that the earning will help them support the multiplayer of the game until 2017. Payday 3 Confirmed Most recently, Swedish publisher Starbreeze Studios have fully gotten their hands on the rights of Payday game franchise after paying up a good $30 million for it. With that, the game is finally done with the crappy in-game microtransaction system for the foreseeable future. As part of the announcement, Starbreeze also confirmed working on Payday 3 already, which was a great news for this popular crime game series. RELATED: Payday 2 Exclusive

Dishonored 2 Comics in Development

The studio that published games like Assassin’s Creed and Dark Souls ; Bethesda Softworks have announced to publish a comics series and novel tie-ins this summer, teaming up with Titan Comics . The initiative is taken for the upcoming release of Dishonored 2 in November, 2016. According to Bethesda , the comics will be a four-issue limited series featuring series protagonist Corvo Attano and will debut its first issue on August 3. Dishonored Comics, Issue #1 Titan Books will be publishing two miniseries that will start from the ending of the first Dishonored game and both of them will tie into the upcoming sequel. By November 29, the full set of collection for both series will be available on stores. Scripted by writer Gordon Rennie ( Judge Dredd , Rogue Trooper ) and illustrated by artist Andrea Olimpieri and Marcelo Maiolo ( Batman Beyond , Old Man Logan ), the Dishonored comic series is revolved around assassin Corvo Attano's quest to find a worthy successor

Overwatch: 10 Beta Tips

Blizzard Entertainment brings a new arena shooter video game Overwatch this year and since the announcement, players are getting a bit extra hyper about it. Because, admit it, the game looks awesomely cool and the more you think about it, you cannot keep your hands off it. Blizzard senses that desperate eagerness in you too. So, what did they do? They released the open beta and people are losing their minds over it. We do suggest that you join the revolution too but before you do, you might want to consider reading the following 10 tips and then some more to have a crush-course on Overwatch open beta. Then start playing right away. Overwatch: 10 Beta Tips 1. Secure Your Objective: You might label the game as a first-person shooter; since you have to kill your opponents once you come across them to defend your own skin but you do it in a fashion of a multiplayer online battle arena. However, you should never lose sight of what the game really is about. While the FPS is a