Dishonored 2 Comics in Development

The studio that published games like Assassin’s Creed and Dark Souls; Bethesda Softworks have announced to publish a comics series and novel tie-ins this summer, teaming up with Titan Comics. The initiative is taken for the upcoming release of Dishonored 2 in November, 2016. According to Bethesda, the comics will be a four-issue limited series featuring series protagonist Corvo Attano and will debut its first issue on August 3.

Dishonored Comics, Issue #1

Titan Books will be publishing two miniseries that will start from the ending of the first Dishonored game and both of them will tie into the upcoming sequel. By November 29, the full set of collection for both series will be available on stores.

Scripted by writer Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper) and illustrated by artist Andrea Olimpieri and Marcelo Maiolo (Batman Beyond, Old Man Logan), the Dishonored comic series is revolved around assassin Corvo Attano's quest to find a worthy successor even after his mission was over almost twelve years ago. The first issue of the series will release three variant covers by artists Andrea Olimpieri, Charles Bae and Fabio Listrani. Then there is a Dishonored: Definitive Edition cover which is the fourth.

Here’s a quick look at the first three preview pages of Dishonored comics.

Dishonored, Issue #1, Page #1
Dishonored, Issue #1, Page #2
Dishonored, Issue #1, Page #3

Since a lot of gone through the world, the young Empress Emily Kaldwin has also grown up, who were quite young when Corvo was trying to save her from enemies. Emily has now become a supernatural assassin with guidance from her mentor. The novel, Dishonored: The Corroded Man will be focusing on her story of rising to power to the events of Dishonored 2, scheduled to come out in September and by 2017, there will be probably two more comics or books on Corvo and Emily.

Dishonored: The Corroded Man

From November 11, Dishonored 2 from Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks will be available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for all to play.
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