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Overwatch: 10 Beta Tips

Blizzard Entertainment brings a new arena shooter video game Overwatch this year and since the announcement, players are getting a bit extra hyper about it. Because, admit it, the game looks awesomely cool and the more you think about it, you cannot keep your hands off it. Blizzard senses that desperate eagerness in you too. So, what did they do? They released the open beta and people are losing their minds over it.

We do suggest that you join the revolution too but before you do, you might want to consider reading the following 10 tips and then some more to have a crush-course on Overwatch open beta. Then start playing right away.

overwatch beta tips
Overwatch: 10 Beta Tips

1. Secure Your Objective:
You might label the game as a first-person shooter; since you have to kill your opponents once you come across them to defend your own skin but you do it in a fashion of a multiplayer online battle arena. However, you should never lose sight of what the game really is about. While the FPS is a large aspect of the game, it is never the main goal you should pursue in the game. If you forget about securing your objective and don't help up your allies to achieve it, you'd probably lose.

On each round, you are given an objective, which you and your team have to complete within a certain time-frame. It can be securing a payload around the map or to capture an area but never to go on a killing spree of your opponents. Sure, picking up a powerful hero and pour on your enemies can be hell lot of fun but it will derive you from the very thing you are here to do, in order to secure victory. So, never lose sight of your objective.

overwatch lucio and tracer
Work as a Team

2. Work as a Team:
The one thing that you should never forget is that this FPS MOBA set-up is no place for a one-man show. Sure it counts at the end that how much did you contributed to the team to reach the collective goal. So, do not try to outshine your teammates or be selfish. Instead, try to find a fellow player in peril and offer your helping hand.

Because at the end of the match you will not be able to get that sweet taste of victory if you are not cooperative enough and always looking for your personal glory. No matter how many kills you make in a match or how much skill did you pick, it means nothing if you guys fail to secure the very objective you're chasing for in the first place. Plus, the players might choose you as an MVP among them based on your overall act throughout the game.

overwatch new heroes
Team Composition Is Important

3. Team Composition:
Before you even hit the arena, you have to select your hero and therefore a well-composed team that will actually help you win matches. As you your build very own Overwatch gang, the system will indicate whether or not you need more support on your fold or a tank for more defenses but in the end, whatever suits you and your teammates playing style matters the most.

It is not mandatory to fill out each and every type of roles just for the sake of making it out alive. Still, those characters were designed for a reason and if you want to left out a few types, it's still fine. You can still make it out and even win the game. All you got to do is to look out for your health if you have no support on your team. If you guys are without a tank, find cover as soon as it starts heavy firing from the other side.

overwatch new characters
Play Different Characters

4. Change Your Hero:
Each hero of the Overwatch character roster is designed with their own unique abilities and feature, which distinctly separates them from each other. While playing a match, Support may be your choice; offense role may fit you the most, becoming the shield to your team by playing as a damage-absorbing Tank may intrigue you the most or defense might be your strong suit. Whatever it is, there will be time when you will discover, which is your weak point and how you can overcome your limits. Knowing each and every move that your hero posses won't necessarily lead you and your team to victory but knowing when to implement them will.

Besides, the game system does not bind you to one particular character or hero type. So, every once in a while give other characters from the entire roster a try. Who knows, aside from breaking the monotony of sticking to one hero and becoming one dimensional, it might reveal some new abilities in those other heroes that you might find interesting and helpful. You never know. Other than that, it will bring diversity in your gameplay style, team dynamics and make you more versatile. It's always nice to try out a few new swings.

overwatch genji ultimate dragonblade
The Ultimate Moment

5. The Ultimate Moment:
Every character in this game has an Ultimate move but most of the tie, people either forget to use it or blow it up too soon. Yes, it doesn't come along right after the battle is on but then again, if you wait too long to unleash it upon your enemies, you might even regret it later when it's too late to imply it. Don't worry though. Keep playing. You will eventually figure it out at some point for sure.

Since they don't grow on trees and you cannot charge them whenever you want, it will be wise to be a bit conservative with your Ultimate move. However, don't worry about dying too soon before you deliver your sweeping Dragonstrike at your enemies. Wait for your respawn and then deal it in proper time. The best idea would be, when your Ultimate is ready to deploy, let your teammates know about it. So, they might have the chance to plan a fine coordination with it that will devastate the enemies.

overwatch widowmaker gun
Know Thy Enemies

6. Know Thy Enemies:
It never hurts to know your enemies and much less have some decent idea about some of their commonly used tactics. This way, you will be able to develop your own counter-attack or at least be prepared for some of it. Even if you are done for the time being and waiting to respawn, be sure to follow your allies in spectator mode as they continue the game. The amount of input you will receive will come in handy at some point.

Also, try to have the basic idea of each character from the game roster, so that you will know whom you are up against and what sort of threat you can expect from them when the shooting starts. Better yet, try to switch your game with some of the heroes that your enemies play with. Now this might seem boring and not much necessary but trust me, it is all for your own advantage.

overwatch tracer symmetra
Be Tactical

7. Be Tactical:
The one thing you will agree with me here is that being tactical in Overwatch pays. PERIOD. It's not compulsory to fight your opponents face to face or being in control of a strong hero character to win every combat you ever engage in. If you are playing a map with dangerous edges or holes, you can just knock people of your enemy team down there. It is effective as well as great fun. Some of the cool moves of your player or even the ultimate can do the trick, where you will not be directly killing them but pushing them towards their demise.

8. Explore the Maps:
Aside from a great player roster, Overwatch do take pride in a lot of maps they offer in game. While shooting and chasing, it may seem like the rounds over the maps are really short but as you keep playing, you will find out that you were not entirely correct. There are many pinch points, elevated sections and cut-throughs, that you will eventually feel that there are more than meets the eye in these maps than you thought at the beginning.

overwatch symmetra pc
Find an Alternative

9. Find an Alternative:
While playing other games, you either depend on one way or another to reach your goal, which is the normal case. Fortunately, Overwatch offers you a couple of different ways to reach your destination or meet your objective. The huge array of characters roster of this game offers you to the unique abilities of flight, teleportation or even wall climbing. Try one of them. If it is not working and you keep ended up dying all the time for the same reason or on the same place, try switching to an alternate route or method.

10. Be Helpful:
Whatever you do, don't be that guy who always complains about the others or put other players down. Instead, try to show some true sportsmanship and help your teammates in need, even if they are not highly appreciative of it sometime. You see a fellow player in dire need of some aid, be the big guy and help that fella out. Trust me, its way better than calling them "Noob".

We already tried to point out the major things that we thought one should keep in mind when they are playing Overwatch at this beginner stage. There are many actually, that did not make it to this Top 10 list but still pretty much mention worthy. Some of these might come real handy in time of need like, when you came across a support hero of the enemy; you better take them down as soon as possible; especially if that character is Mercy. Otherwise, you will realize firsthand how painful it is to see your kills are constantly being resurrected.

overwatch communication wheel
Talk To Your Team

If you are defending, you should focus on the choke points outside of the enemy base. Communication is the key, so talk to your teammates sometimes and let them know what you are up to. It will also let them coordinate their moves with you and devise a better strategy. You can always use the practice range to try out new characters in there.

On May 24, 2016, Overwatch launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide and if you are not hooked into the Beta yet, we recommend you do so. ASAP. As it will run till May 5-9. C'mon people. This is an opportunity at unlimited fun that you cannot afford to miss. Once you will adapt yourself into the game playing style of Overwatch, the characters, story and the maps will make you feel at home and that is not exaggerating. That's a promise.