The Last of Us Part 2 Announced

Do you remember Ellie and Joel from the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us video game from developer Naughty Dog? Well, if you have already played the game then either the names of the character, title of the game or the studio behind it will remind you of what we are talking about here. The Last of Us was a PlayStation 3 exclusive release that has changed our idea of survival horror in an open world with series protagonist Joel and Ellie.

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The Last of Us Part II Announced

It's been a few years that game was released and players were anticipating on some news regarding a sequel. If you belong to that group, then you are in luck as Sony just announced The Last of Us Part II at the opening ceremony of PlayStation Experience with the reveal trailer.

The trailer subtly opens with a scene in the woods with no apparent life-forms around but the mild noise of birds chirping in the distance. For those, who are new to the series, it portrays a pretty good visual to give them the feel of a post-apocalyptic setup the story is build upon with abandoned cars and barren locality.

Then we cut to a scene where we see a bruised hand of a person who is trying to get it together to play a guitar. As the fingers slowly stabilize enough, it starts playing and we discover that it is Ellie. She plays a tune and sings a song that clearly reflects the pain and suffering she's been through in this hellish world. While she is singing, blood starts dripping from her forehead with the focus of the camera remains on her face but right on her mouth. Her neck also shows an injury, possibly a scratch or a bite from a recent struggle.

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Ellie and Joel Returns!

As Ellie continues expressing her emotions about regret and revenge through the tune, a shadowy figure arrives at the doorstep of the house she is in. The person, Joel slowly walks in sliding through the corpses on the floor with a gun in his hand and stops where Ellie is. He asks if she is thinking about going ahead with her plan, to which she replies, she's gonna find and kill every last one of them. The trailer ends here with leaving us in a world full of questions and unresolved mystery.

The Last of Us Part II has yet not has a certain release date but we know that it would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Sony is still working on the game and the sequel is built on an upgraded version of their previous engine. However, it's really nice knowing that we will finally get the chance to tag along with the Joel and Ellie duo once again, which makes survival in a devastated world interesting.
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