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Red Dead Online New Missions and World Updates

Rockstar Games adds new co-op missions, gears and poker in latest update for Red Dead Online.

Seeing huge success with their Western-themed action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developer/publisher Rockstar Games released its multiplayer component Red Dead Online in November 27, 2018.

RDO beta version is claimed to have a series of issues at launch that Rockstar promised to work on with regular updates. A brand-new update is out now that brings gameplay features, cooperative story missions and more improvements.

red dead online update missions poker ps4 xb1
Red Dead Online New Missions and World Updates

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Take a look at world updates of RDO and the road ahead for the game in a short new trailer released lately.

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The way core gameplay elements of Red Dead Online works in Wild West is a subject to change only to make it more appealing and fun to players, so that they can have experiences that helps them build a stronger connection to its characters and world.

New missions are added in A Land of Opportunities to further expand Jessica LeClerk revenge saga. Mrs. LeClerk will need assistance from players to solve the murder mystery of her husband following a showdown at Fort Mercer.

red dead online update rockstar games ps4 xb1 jessica leclerk a land of opportunities
A Land of Opportunities Missions

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Co-op campaign is expanded with this latest update with missions for players both honorable and dishonorable. Taking an honorable Gunslinger path will lead you to have a face-off against Del Lobos gang to help Marshall Tom Davies in Valentine.

Then in Outlaw strand, team-up with Samson Finch for a highway robbery and pull of a high-stakes heist at St. Denis Bank. Either way, your quest would eventually have you come across a dangerous enemy in Blackwater.

red dead online update rockstar games ps4 xb1 free roam missions
Free Roam Missions

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Free Roam Missions are part of Red Dead Online core gameplay that keeps things interesting and new characters from Red Dead Redemption 2 story campaign have joined to offer replay values with a new variety of unique mission types.

We have Aberdeen Pig Farmers and Thomas the Skiff Captain joined already with more familiar faces to come very soon. There would be random events and encounters that offer you chance to win some extra cash, gold nuggets, honor and XP.

red dead online update rockstar games ps4 xb1 co-op missions
More Co-Operative Missions

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What activities do cowboys do for entertainment when they are not busy shooting outlaws out there? They mostly play poker. Play with groups of up to 6 players for invite-only game of Hold 'Em of lower stakes in private, friendly manner.

Or just visit a public table if you are looking for getting into higher buy-in and rewards. Find a table in select locations like Blackwater, Flatneck Station, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed and Valentine to show off your poker skills.

red dead online update rockstar games ps4 xb1 hold 'em poker table
Play Some Poker

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In terms of weapon, LeMat Revolver from Red Dead Redemption makes its way into Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue for purchase. It has flawless accuracy with a 9-round revolving chamber and a secondary barrel for buckshot.

Also check out some newly available clothing items and emotes that are highly-requested from community members. Wear patterned Bandanas and Ponchos or flaunt off Flip Off and Throat Slit emotes while keeping a frequent eye on inventory.

red dead online update rockstar games ps4 xb1 lemat revolver
LeMat Revolver, Clothing and More

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All RDO beta players will receive 15 gold bars and 25% increase of XP during missions as well as a 25% increased rate of finding more cash and gold in treasure chests as a thank you gesture from Rockstar Games for logging in this week.

Players who own Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition will get $100 in-game cash and free Throat Slit emote as bonus as well. Red Dead Online looks forward to add more Free Roam characters, Showdown modes and more in upcoming weeks.