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DC Universe Online: Metal Event & Episode Announced

New episodes and limited-time events based on DC Comics crossover event Dark Nights: Metal is announced for DC Universe Online.

It was revealed only a few months ago that developer/publisher Daybreak Game Company and co-publisher WB Games are bringing their popular free-to-play MMO game DC Universe Online on Nintendo Switch console by this summer.

Players on Switch will soon be joining others from PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms in upcoming newest event and episode pack themed on Dark Nights: Metal, which is recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

dc universe online metal event episode wb games pc ps4 xbox switch
DC Universe Online: Metal Event & Episode Announced

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Metal is a major 2017 DC Comics crossover event of by writer Scott Snyder (Death of the Family, Night of the Owls) with artist Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn). It introduces ominous forces of a Dark Multiverse that threatens all existence.

Heroes and some villains of DC Universe eventually rallies together to face Barbartos, the Bat-God and his Dark Knights, comprised of twisted versions of Batman from alternate reality timelines to ravage worlds on his behalf.

dc universe online barbatos metal event episode wb games pc ps4 xbox switch
Barbatos is Coming!

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SDCC 2019 revealed that upcoming debut of Dark Multiverse will see launch of two new episodes in 2019. In September, Episode 35: Metal Part I will be released and it will be followed by Episode 36: Metal Part II in December.

Metal will unfold horrors in form of demented versions of The Dark Knight that will seemingly make Owl Man of Crime Syndicate look like a literal clown, especially lieutenant of Barbatos' dreaded Dark Knights, Batman Who Laughs.

dc universe online batman who laughs metal event episode wb games pc ps4 xbox switch
Beware of Batman Who Laughs

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DCUO currently has Justice League Dark event ongoing and new monstrous creature Shadow Golem is added in Chaos Gotham. Of course, defeating him will be no easy trick for starters but on doing so; players can earn Orbital Strike trinket.

More reward items like Clairvoyant's circlet, Magician's shirt and hair style, Mystical Ankh of Nabu and Pulse Material will be available on episode vendor as well as Shadow Haunted Flames Accessory and a Shadow Henchmen are included.

dc universe online justice league dark shadow golem episode wb games pc ps4 xbox switch
Shadow Golem Creatures

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Characters like Merciless, Red Death and Barbatos himself from Dark Nights: Metal will appear on Part I and II of Metal. Other prominent members like Devastator, The Drowned and Murder Machine may show up in latter episodes.

Players who have an active subscription of action combat based MMO title DC Universe Online can get full access to Episode 34: Justice League Dark for free and this limited-time event part of the episode will be available until next release.