Monday, September 23, 2019

Batman: Court of Owls Game Teased By WB Montréal

Arkham Origins developer WB Montréal officially teases new Batman: Court of Owls game on Twitter.

While celebrating 80th anniversary of Batman making his first appearance on Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 and annual Batman Day 2019, developer WB Games Montréal teased an upcoming new Batman game yesterday.

Today, an official clip of all those cryptic logos teased by Arkham Origins developer is posted on their Twitter handle that clearly hints of an announcement coming soon, maybe in Sony's latest State of Play episode on September 24.

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Batman: Court of Owls Game Teased By WB Montréal

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Rumors were riling up from last year about a new Batman game by WB Montréal that is set in Arkham Asylum universe and will adapt the "Court of Owls" storyline of 2011 from The New 52 wave of DC Comics as its primary plotline.

These rumors were strengthened by an image shared on Twitter by studio assistant producer that had an owl emblem on it. A leaked and now-deleted placeholder listing for an upcoming WB Games title was even spotted on Amazon lately.

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This short video captioned "Capture the Knight" displays clearer version of logos teased earlier on Batman Day.

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These mysterious symbols obviously hints at next possible direction for next Batman games and one of them can be incorporated with Court of Owls, one with Ra's al Ghul or his League of Assassins and the rest to other different organizations.

It could also be an implication that four fractions are after The Dark Knight to end his reign of vigilantism on Gotham or they all belong to a same group that will slowly evolve over time and become something bigger than they were earlier.

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Fans were asking for a follow-up title for long after Rocksteady Studios have wrapped up Arkham trilogy in 2015 with Batman: Arkham Knight. "Court of Owls" saga can very much become that successor series they have been wanting.

Whatever WB Games Montréal has been trying to tell us through cryptic messaging will probably come to an end very soon and will reveal what gritty interpretation of Batman they are after this time in their latest Court of Owls game.