Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier Reportedly in Works

A leaker on Reddit reveals details of alleged The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier by reformed Telltale Games.

Halfway though development of episodic adventure title The Walking Dead: The Final Season, developer/publisher Telltale Games were shut down in 2018 and Skybound Entertainment took over to complete Clementine's journey.

Right after their assets were acquired by LCG Entertainment in August 2019, a leaker with ties to reformed Telltale Games recently claims Season 5 of The Walking Dead series titled The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier is in works.

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The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier Reportedly in Works

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An alleged Telltale insider on Reddit has posted about Tales from the Borderlands Redux lately that is going to be revealed soon. Same leaker also stated that a tech demo for The Wolf Among Us 2 will be premiered via Summer Game Fest.

The Walking Dead is renewed for a fifth season despite wrapping everything up in its fourth and The Final Season. Its subtitle "A Fatal Frontier" may eventually change, which will take cues from events of Season Three: A New Frontier.

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Although the game will be on same length on past releases, TWD will not continue its episodic format and will move to survival horror genre. There are enough dialogue choices but they won't be focused entirely on narrative direction.

Clementine's former companion and second playable character Javier Garcia from Season Three will make his return. Community of Richmond, Virginia has fallen and almost everything else from "A New Frontier" is scrapped except for Javier.

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Every survivor that has somehow managed to live until this point since Season Three will all die when falls. Kenny is joining as a returning character, implying developers will force retconning him into story regardless of past choices.

Given how he was shot earlier in one choice and never put down to prevent reanimation, his return is not completely impossible. Kenny and Javier will even cross paths at some point when both of them are out looking for Clementine.

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Former members of New Frontier group were apparently behind the fall of Richmond are now after Javier and Kenny. In terms of gameplay, A Fatal Frontier took primary inspiration from games like Resident Evil and The Evil Within 2.

IP for The Walking Dead currently belongs to Skybound following a sudden closure of Telltale Games back in 2018. LCG Entertainment bought all company assets of Telltale and maybe preparing to make a comeback through "A Fatal Frontier".

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Whether or not Skybound Entertainment is interested to explore further into TWD universe is still unclear. Since there is no concrete evidence of any of these alleged leaks to be true, fans would be wise to take everything with a grain of salt.

If information from this leak turns out to be true then Skybound is probably breaking usual episodic nature of Telltale Games titles. The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier is rumored to debut at PC Game Show as Epic Games Store-exclusive.