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Death Stranding Sequel or Spin-Off Teased by Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima teases working on new concepts, possibly teasing Death Stranding sequel or a spin-off.

After his shocking departure from publisher company Konami, game director Hideo Kojima made Kojima Productions an independent studio and helmed anticipated action game Death Stranding for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Following its PlayStation 4 debut back in November 2019, a Windows PC version was announced for July 14, 2020. Meanwhile, Kojima started to tease a number of projects that he may be working on, including a Death Stranding sequel.

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Death Stranding Sequel or Spin-Off Teased by Hideo Kojima

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Though there have been rumors of Kojima Productions working on either Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill series in association with Konami and Sony, which was debunked by a representative from former company shortly afterwards.

Most likely to be set within Death Stranding universe, upcoming Hideo Kojima project may turn out to be a sequel or spin-off. At least, his latest series of social media posts suggests that he is up to something similar to his most recent work.

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Kojima posted an image of his work desk on Twitter, collaborating on character designs and much more.

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Keen eyes at ResetEra has taken a good look at the artwork on his working desk and deduced an object as a flying vehicle, labeling it as "Landing Ship" and connecting dots that Death Stranding franchise may head over to space travel.

An early video featuring official logo of Kojima Productions shows a Ludens character on surface of moon carrying a studio flag. In a 2019 official release trailer, Cliff Unger talks to BB about being able to go anywhere, even to moon.

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In a second image, he showed an illustration by Shusei Nagaoka for "Oasis" by famed Japanese artist Kitarō.

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Though most fans are speculating that he is working on a video game, Kojima himself has stated interest of working on a non-interactive project. You can surely draw more than one conclusion from what ResetEra breaks down to you though.

Despite offering a unique gameplay experience, Death Stranding has created division among players as the game is not certainly for everyone. There is a lot to explore in Hideo Kojima's thematic fictional world in a future sequel to DS.