Anthem Getting Loot Changes in 2.0 Update

BioWare will be introducing major loot changes for new version of Anthem in upcoming update 2.0.

Ever since launch, online multiplayer action role-playing game Anthem failed to live up to fan-expectation for its somewhat grindy campaign, lack of enemy variety, lackluster endgame activity and a shallow loot distribution system.

To salvage their precious work and bring players back to the game, developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts started working on a major overhaul via 2.0 update, which would attempt to create a rewarding loot experience for all.

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Anthem Getting Loot Changes in 2.0 Update

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Due to lack of content, player community abandoned Anthem within months and Bioware had to cancel their planned roadmap for a full revamp and ever since, there have been only a few minor updates of what they are working on.

In a latest official blog, lead developer and studio director Christian Dailey talks about essential loot changes for Anthem 2.0, including failing short at providing a good player experience and trying to reflect on their mistakes in future.

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Anthem had a huge issue with guns where newly acquired weapons don't feel that special from what players already have. Whether it is your starter gun or some legendary pickup from endgame, amount of damage doesn't seem to vary at all.

Not only there will be plenty of loot in Anthem 2.0 but you will have good reasons to equip guns achieved from campaign. If you come across a particular gun that you really like, you can level that item up or modify it for future usage.

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All the weaponry of your arsenal is getting some visual changes to make firearms from different factions more distinguishable. Whenever you shoot a specific enemy that carries loot, they will drop useful items that you can equip right away.

Although loot system upgrade may not be something revolutionary for ARPG players, Anthem is desperately in need for it. Even though many believed the game to be a lost cause, there is a chance for BioWare to bring it back to life after all.
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