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Streets of Rage 4 to Get Post-Launch Content

DotEmu will be releasing post-launch DLC content for Streets of Rage 4 but they are in no rush for a release date.

Seeing a rising trend of beat 'em up games in recent years, developer DotEmu, Guard Crush Games and Lizardcube attempted to revive a classic and have released Streets of Rage 4 earlier this year, in association with publisher Sega.

After making a successful debut on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, SoR4 dev team has recently announced having DLC plans for future on social media but there is no post-launch content roadmap to share yet.

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Streets of Rage 4 to Get Post-Launch Content

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Players and fans have already finished up playing Streets of Rage 4 base game a few times over and now they want more content. Back in May, developers have teased possibilities for DLC in near future during an AMA session on Reddit.

Given current global situation of COVID-19 pandemic and workplace restrictions, schedule delays are a major concern in gaming sphere. So, DotEmu is hesitant to settle for a release date and taking time for upcoming content update.

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DotEmu reassures confirmation of adding constent for Streets of Rage 4 from an AMA session on Reddit.

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Though no hints were given about what to come and when, some fans are theorizing that Estel Aguirre may join as a playable character. She is one of the bad-ass villains of SoR4 and you can also see her blurred image in the background.

Streets of Rage 4 turned out to be a flawless recreation of an iconic retro franchise for current generation of gaming systems. SoR4 remained faithful to its classic roots and adopts a unique art-style to relay modern vibes for everyone.