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Gotham Knights Won't Have Split-Screen Gameplay

Contrary to what WB Games have shown at DC FanDome event, Gotham Knights will not support split-screen gameplay.

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Gotham Knights Won't Have Split-Screen Gameplay

After a series of "Court of Owls" tease, developer WB Games Montréal and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment finally announced upcoming action role-playing Batman game titled Gotham Knights at DC FanDome event.

Following reveal of world premier trailer for Gotham Knights, gameplay walkthrough footage was released. Though a brief glimpse of split-screen feature was shown, WB Games won't be including it, according to official press release.

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During official gameplay showcase for Gotham Knights, it was implied that you can switch to a split-screen for co-op experience. However, it turns out that WB Games Montréal has no plans to add such feature to main game at launch.

Regardless of split-screen option having great potential for a Batman game with playable Bat-Family members, WB Games simply used it during DC FanDome to show off two-players in same gameplay space but not in same living room.

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It was made very clear from an image of WB Montréal official press release shared by Greg Miller on Twitter.

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Split-screen would put a huge technical challenge on any gaming system that has to render two gameplay worlds simultaneously. It may take only half of your screen but there is a lot going on behind the scene that once can't even imagine.

With a chance to play as Bat-Family members Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, there are scopes to see some dynamic teamwork. You can also expect unique dialogue exchange and interaction between these young vigilante heroes.

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In a briefing, creative director Patrick Redding has mentioned that players can either finish up entire playthrough solo or in two player co-op. Although not supporting up to four players is a letdown, many are still happy to tag a friend in.

Gotham Knights is likely to disappoint many players with lack of split-screen play but will offer co-op gameplay experience online. If they had couch co-op feature, WB Montréal would have highlighted that point in gameplay trailer though.