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Hitman 3 to Remove Ghost Mode, to Shutdown Hitman 2 Online Server

IO Interactive confirms removing several multiplayer experiences including Ghost Mode for upcoming Hitman 3.

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Hitman 3 to Remove Ghost Mode, to Shutdown Hitman 2 Online Server

Wrapping up on World of Assassination trilogy, upcoming stealth action-adventure game Hitman III of rebooted Hitman series is expected to launch for PCPlayStation 4PlayStation 5Xbox One and Xbox Series X on January 2021.

Just like its predecessor titles, Hitman 3 will feature several game modes including Contracts Mode, Elusive Targets and main story campaign. However, Ghost Mode will not be returning for third installment of the long-running franchise.

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Everything player community loved about 2016 re-imagining was eventfully included in 2018 follow-up sequel Hitman 2 with some additional changes and Ghost Mode was one of the most notable experiences from last Hitman game.

In a recent blog post, developer IO Interactive announced to remove Ghost Mode from Hitman 3 and shut down servers for Hitman 2 as well. Sniper Assassin will only be playable in single-player and multiplayer elements of be left out.

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Ghost Mode is a unique 1v1 competitive multiplayer mode that sends two players going after same target as Agent 47. Two assassins will race against time concurrently with a key objective to quickly execute a kill before the other one.

Hitman 2 offered another multiplayer mode Sniper Assassin, originally as pre-order bonus and made available for everyone else later. Sniper Assassin mode was inspired from Hitman: Sniper mobile game and focused on long-ranged kills.

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Ghost Mode co-op servers for Hitman 2 will be going offline from August 31 while dev team will be working on an alternative multiplayer mode. The Phantom Suit, an item exclusive to Ghost Mode will be added to Hitman III as an unlockable.

IO Interactive is planning to carry over Sniper Assassin maps and missions from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 at launch for single-player. With newly added VR support and other improvements to overall gameplay, players will have plenty to go by.