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Hades Coming to Nintendo Switch

Supergiant Games announces Hades to arrive on Nintendo Switch this fall with cross-save feature.

Striving on Early Access phase since its debut back in 2018, roguelike dungeon crawler game Hades from developer/publisher Supergiant Games is currently available to play on Windows PC platform via Epic Games Store and Steam.

A brand-new animated trailer was dropped by Supergiant Games today during recent broadcast of Indie World Showcase by Nintendo to finally announce arrival of Hades for Nintendo Switch handheld consoles very soon with new features.

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Hades Coming to Nintendo Switch

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Newest official trailer from Supergiant focuses on contents and features for Switch version of Hades.

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In a beautiful rendition of cinematic cut-scene and gameplay footage, latest trailer offers a brief glimpse of isometric action from Hades. Many notable NPCs show up to highlight a widely diverse character cast and an intense atmosphere.

Supergiant is keeping a schedule for regular update to keep adding new biomes, enemies, game modes and much more. Those who are already playing Hades on PC can transfer all of their in-game progress to Switch using cross-save feature.

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Players would be assuming the role of Zagreus, prince of Underworld who wishes to escape his father's clutches by defying his warnings so he could visit Mount Olympus and therefore, he seeks out help from his relatives in Greek pantheon.

Zags will often end up being dead in his many attempts to escape Hell but due to Hades being a roguelike, he would retain some progress. Each time he fails, Zagreus is sent back home and he can use new upgrades to improve his chances.

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Supergiant has previously worked on acclaimed titles like Bastion, Pyre and Transistor before started developing current Hades, which is very much likely to deliver a complete experience when version 1.0 release for Nintendo fans.

Supergiant Games has yet to reveal a definitive release date for Nintendo Switch version of Hades other than just fall 2020. Whether or not there are plans to make ports for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in future is still quite uncertain.