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Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch Delayed to 2021

Nintendo Switch release for free-to-play battle royale shooter Apex Legends has been delayed to 2021.

Ever since February 2019 launch, free-to-play first-person shooter Apex Legends by developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts managed to remain relevant because of fast-paced gameplay and regular updates.

Though players on PC will see Apex Legends to arrive on Steam alongside Season 7, owners of Nintendo Switch have to wait a bit longer than expected until next year for release of handheld, according to game director Chad Grenier.

Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch Delayed to 2021

Respawn was working on a port considering how popular Switch is among players but due to unexpected workplace restrictions during an ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, development had to be delayed until some point at 2021.

Grenier states that developers need extra time working on Switch version with its hardware limitation to offer a great experience. Apex Legends will debut on Nintendo console with cross-platform play support and latest content.

Apex Legends will also be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles at launch using backward compatibility. Meanwhile, a few more "Legends" will probably be added to roster for new players to skydive on Switch next year.

Nintendo Switch release announcement of Apex Legends was as big of a surprise as its Steam debut for letting you play on the go. Respawn is much likely to plan for a mobile release up next to compete against Fortnite for supremacy.