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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends and New Game Plus Release Date

Sucker Punch releases Version 1.1 free update for Ghost of Tsushima, adding online co-op mode Legends and New Game Plus.

In response to immense positive feedback, developer Sucker Punch Productions and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment are adding a free co-op mode for PlayStation 4-exclusive action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima soon.

To acknowledge overwhelming fan-support, Sucker Punch will be releasing Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, a brand-new online co-operative multiplayer mode through Version 1.1 update and New Game Plus mode on October 16, 2020.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends and New Game Plus Release Date

An official trailer is released to highlight details for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends and New Game+ mode.

Players who own a copy of Ghost of Tsushima can download Version 1.1 free update to access new co-op multiplayer mode. Fight as a group with up to four players by standing your ground together in Legends like classic samurai films.

For starters, tag a friend to take on two-player story missions or experience four-player survival missions online. In following weeks of upcoming patch release, Sucker Punch Productions also promised to roll out a Raid for multiplayer.

gyozen the storyteller
Gyozen The Storyteller

Once updated, players will come across a mysterious character named Gyozen the Storyteller in various locations of Tsushima Island. He is aware of what happened during Mongol invasion but has a fully different outlook on the events.

Gyozen will tell his stories about legendary "Ghosts" and grant you access to multiplayer lobby. Otherwise, you can just avoid meeting him completely and head over to GoT: Legends directly from in-game menu or get a PSN invitation.

new game plus title menu pause
New Game+ Title Menu

Begin your adventure with one of four available classes of Samurai, Hunter, Ronin or Assassin. Each of these warriors has unique abilities and advantages that will eventually help you unlock all remaining classes as you make progress.

Aside from core traits, you can achieve an alternate ability over time while earning Charms that are specific to your class and ranged weapons. Every member of a party is free to choose their preferred classes or all picking the same class.

In case of both co-op story missions and wave-based survival missions, your struggle is focused on greater rewards. When playing Raid, equip yourself with best gears and all your skills for an heroic three-part adventure in Iyo's realm.

You will require online connection and an active PlayStation Plus subscription to play Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. Extensively use Photo Mode by keeping your friends online just to show off newly earned armor, emotes and masks.

legends photo mode
Legends Photo Mode

New Game+ for single-player campaign is one of the most-requested features by fans who has already beaten story mode. Go back to Tsushima once again as protagonist Jin Sakai and carry all your items from an early playthrough.

Although there will be a slight increase in difficulty, most players will be able to take on the new challenge level. Game Plus mode gets you a new horse with unique saddle, powerful Charms to boost attack, upgrade for armor and sword.

New Game+ introduces Ghost Flower, exclusive in-game currency to buy armor dyes and vanity gears. Ghost of Tsushima single-player will include additional Trophies on New Game Plus, fully separated from Platinum Trophy section.

Ghost Flower merchant may offer you new Charms to customize your gameplay and enhance combat style. New options for armor loadouts become available when you receive Version 1.1 and lets you swap in specific sets on the go.

With inclusion of latest features, a large part of player community will return to join GoT online lobbies by next week. Given holiday season is right around the corner, there may be an increase in Ghost of Tsushima sales numbers as well.

Ghost of Tsushima is much likely to join PlayStation 5 library at some point, adding all next-gen enhancements and upgrades. Sucker Punch however, is currently busy delivering campaign and multiplayer content support for PS4 version.