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Rainbow Six Siege Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft will be adding Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate next month for Android and Xbox consoles.

Thanks to years of content support and gameplay improvements, first-person tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege from developer/publisher Ubisoft has built a huge player-community across PC and on all major current-gen platforms.

Following a tease on social media earlier, Microsoft has revealed to add popular Tom Clancy shooter title to cloud gaming on Android devices and for Xbox One family of consoles via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on October 22, 2020.

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Rainbow Six Siege Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Get yourself into highly competitive PvP matches online to engage in firefight alongside friends and secure victory through teamwork. Select your Operators with unique skills to repel enemy team at all costs in an intense showdown.

Defenders better prepare their surrounding environments into a stronghold as attacker team carefully tries to break in. With right mix of abilities and cooperative tactics, any team can get an upper hand in Siege and be triumphant.

Ubisoft has confirmed bringing Rainbow 6 Siege to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with cross-generation multiplayer feature. Siege may even become free-to-play soon, which director Leroy Athanassoff has envisioned at some point.

Rainbow Six Siege currently boasts over a whooping 60 million players experiencing fast-paced 5v5 multiplayer matches. Xbox Game Pass can enjoy up to 10% exclusive member discount on any in-game items and Year 5 Pass content.