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Xbox Store Selling Gameplay Guides of Other Content Creators

Guides for games and mobile applications made by other content creators are being sold at Xbox Store.

Often time, people get stuck in a certain point playing a video game when they would like to get some assistance to know an easy way out and there are many guide available over the internet that are absolutely free of cost for anyone.

Whenever a particular puzzle gets too hard or you just need to get a way to progress further, a gameplay guide comes very handy. However, you probably won't expect finding out Xbox Store out of anywhere else selling off you guides.

xbox store selling gameplay guides content creators fortnite ghostrunner minecraft valorant
Xbox Store Selling Gameplay Guides of Other Content Creators

In a recent Tweet, content creator Patrick Maka points out Microsoft is currently selling video game guides on Xbox Store. He also posted a series of screenshots from "Ghostrunner Guide", being priced for $5.95 AUD/$4.32 USD only.

It would have been acceptable if these guides were officially provided by developers including some extra stuff within the package but they actually came from independent content creators who took time to make it available for free.

Patrick Maka posted a screenshots from Microsoft Store, showing how they are charging for free guides.

By searching up for "guide" in Microsoft Store would lead you to many helpful tutorials of games like Fortnite, Minecraft and Valorant. You can even find premium guides for mobile applications like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Although majority of these tutorial videos are free, some of them are for purchase with money. Regardless of whether Microsoft Store has stolen these guides from other creators or not, any amount they charge for free stuff is wrong.

Xbox Store is primarily an outlet for a wide variety of applications, games or shows for people to browse through. Users can easily navigate through collections to make purchase what they are looking for and install it in simple steps.

With whatever intention Xbox Store has started this, not everyone is aware that these are free and therefore, Microsoft needs to take them down unless they give credits to content creators and legitimacy compensate for their efforts.