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Xbox Store Selling Gameplay Guides of Other Content Creators

Guides for games and mobile applications made by other content creators are being sold at Xbox Store. Often time, people get stuck in a certain point playing a video game when they would like to get some assistance to know an easy way out and there are many guide available over the internet that are absolutely free of cost for anyone. Whenever a particular puzzle gets too hard or you just need to get a way to progress further, a gameplay guide comes very handy. However, you probably won't expect finding out Xbox Store out of anywhere else selling off you guides. Xbox Store Selling Gameplay Guides of Other Content Creators RELATED: Red Dead Redemption 2 Had a Darker Opening In a recent Tweet, content creator Patrick Maka points out Microsoft is currently selling video game guides on Xbox Store . He also posted a series of screenshots from "Ghostrunner Guide", being priced for $5.95 AUD/$4.32 USD only. It would have been acceptable if these guides were officially provided

Minecraft Celebrates 11th Anniversary, Hits 200 Million Sales

On 11th Anniversary, Minecraft has reportedly sold over 200 million copies and 126 million players monthly. Being one of the most influential video games of all time, sandbox survival game Minecraft has turned 11 years old recently and developer/publisher Mojang Studios decided to celebrate this occasion by releasing a few impressive numbers. Most recently, Mojang has overhauled their brand with new logo, a brand-new trailer, changed their official name and even revealed an impressive overall sales numbers for Minecraft that has surpassed more than 200 million copies. Minecraft Celebrates 11th Anniversary, Hits 200 Million Sales RELATED: Xbox Game Pass to Add DayZ, Final Fantasy IX, Halo 2 and More Last year during this time on its tenth anniversary, Mojang 's popular block builder title has sold over 176 million copies at that time. This clearly indicates that a staggering 24 million more copies of Minecraft were sold in last year alone. According to repor

Minecraft Earth for Mobile Announced

Augmented reality game Minecraft Earth for mobile is revealed to celebrate 10 year anniversary of Minecraft. It has been ten years since sandbox video game Minecraft from developer/publisher Mojang was launched on PC and has managed to sell over 176 million copies worldwide during its decade-long run to become best-selling video game of all time. To celebrate 10 years of amazing success of this beloved franchise, Microsoft has announced a free-to-play augmented reality game Minecraft Earth for Android and iOS mobile devices with similar gameplay elements, coming this summer. Minecraft Earth for Mobile Announced RELATED: Minecraft Creator Notch Excluded from Anniversary Event by Microsoft An official reveal trailer offers us exclusive first look into reality-bending world of Minecraft Earth on mobile. RELATED: Minecraft Coming to Xbox Game Pass Following simple exploration mechanics that are focused on crafting as well as collecting resources from around y

Minecraft Creator Notch Excluded from Anniversary Event by Microsoft

Microsoft is excluding Minecraft creator from 10 Year Anniversary events for his comments and opinions on social media. Aside from being the creator of sandbox game Minecraft , Swedish game developer Markus "Notch" Persson is known to his fans for sharing various opinions on social media, which are considered very controversial by mainstream media. Recently, decision of not including "Notch" in their upcoming 10-year anniversary celebrations is revealed by Microsoft , because they believe his public comments and opinions on Twitter are too toxic for being associated with their name. Minecraft Creator Notch Excluded from Anniversary Event by Microsoft RELATED: Minecraft Coming to Xbox Game Pass This news came out only a short while after reference to Persson has been secretly wiped out from in-game loading screen. Neither Microsoft nor Mojang wants to side with him due to his controversial opinions, according to a spokesperson. Microsoft has purch

Minecraft Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Popular sandbox survival title Minecraft is heading over to Xbox Game Pass subscription service next month. Following its inception back in May 2009, developer/publisher Mojang had one of the most active community in gaming with their sandbox survival game Minecraft that has an engaging player base of over 91 million people that is only growing. Acclaimed and mostly known for a complex crafting system with other adventure elements, the game is heading over to a large catalog of great games on Xbox Game Pass for members of the monthly subscription service by Microsoft on April 4, 2019. Minecraft Coming to Xbox Game Pass RELATED: Xbox Game Pass Adds Alien: Isolation, Walking Dead: Season 2 and More The game embraces the excitement of building within an infinite world full of blocks and lets you create literally anything that you can think of. Either you choose to play alone or with your friends, there are limitless ways to enjoy playing for hours. Online multiplayer l

Inside Xbox X018 Event

Inside Xbox livestreams their major Xbox One announcement and highlights of X018 Event from Mexico City. Mexico City was lightening up this weekend, with the return of Microsoft ’s Xbox fan event X018 for November 10-11. Courtesy of Inside Xbox, this entire fan-fest is going to be streamed live for those who couldn't attend the program in person. More than over 10,000 fans came to celebrate this fourth-annual event and have first look at the upcoming projects. Team Xbox members are bringing in some major announcements on video games are heading this way for players on PC and Xbox One . Inside Xbox X018 Event RELATED: Xbox Game Pass Adds PUBG and More Since the live broadcast started long before the actual show, we advise you to skip to 29:51 for the announcements to roll in. Cheers! RELATED: Xbox Live Gold Free Games for November 2018 Crackdown 3 | Wrecking Zone Multiplayer When people heard that Microsoft's action-adventure title Crackdown 3 w

Minecraft: Dungeons Announced

A dungeon-crawling spin-off game of Minecraft for PC has recently been announced by developer Mojang. Creator of insanely popular sandbox video game Minecraft and Sweden-based developer/publisher studio Mojang has done the unthinkable with the above-mentioned game and now has announced a role-playing game set called Minecraft: Dungeons . As the namesake suggests, the game is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and currently, the game is planned to release on 2019 for PC . Whether or not it will be launched on other consoles at any point is yet not confirmed. Minecraft: Dungeons Announced RELATED: Minecraft Movie Delayed as Director Exits Before we dive deep into any discussion, we encourage you to take a look at the announcement trailer they just released for the game. RELATED: Minecraft Nintendo Switch Cross-Play Just like any other typical titles from the genre, you are to get into one of these places as part of the embarked adventure and fight endless group

Minecraft Movie Delayed as Director Exits

The Minecraft movie based on titular sandbox survival game is delayed as director Rob McElhenney drops out. Considering the immense popularity of the sandbox video game Minecraft , developer Mojang has teamed up with Warner Bros. to make a movie and the news was leaked on Twitter in 2014. Then the title received a premiere date for May 2019 when they announced Rob McElhenney ( How to Be a Gentleman , It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ) as director and co-writer in 2015. However, now the previously scheduled date is being pushed back because of McElhenny leaving the project. Minecraft Movie Delayed as Director Exits RELATED: Milla Jovovich to Star in Monster Hunter Movie Aside from losing director, the film has gotten two new writers, Aaron and Adam Nee to pitch a new script now. It means, McElhenny ’s script will no longer be adapted, which he previously worked out with renowned actor and screenwriter, Jason Fuchs ( La La Land , Wonder Woman ). As they scrapped t

Telltale Games Humble Bundle 2018

Teaming up with Humble Bundle, Telltale Games are offering some of their real classic video games for a great discount! Fans of Telltale Games can now have an awesome chance to build up a bundle of their own at digital storefront of Humble Bundle . This is a great opportunity to bag some of their greatest titles considering the developer studio has decided to be done with an ancient gaming engine they have been running for some time very soon. It is good news because you can get a hefty discount over your selected games from the collection they are offering currently like never before. Telltale Games Humble Bundle 2018 RELATED: Telltale's Walking Dead: The Final Season Release Date There are nineteen titles to pick from Telltale 's acclaimed releases and the greatest attraction is of course The Walking Dead , its 400 Days DLC , The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Walking Dead: Michonne . TWD Season 3 didn't make it to the list though. The latter two is al

Minecraft Update Aquatic Phase Two

Developer Mojang has released second Phase of Update Aquatic for all-new underwater Minecraft adventures on PC and consoles. Entire fanbase of Minecraft seemingly has been away for some time now from this most popular sandbox adventure but they were actually waiting with patience to jump in for Phase Two to roll out with the newest Update Aquatic. Whether it is mobile devices like Android and iOS , or even handheld system like Nintendo Switch or PC , VR and Xbox One , you can play it on any modern gaming platform there is and the new update reaches out to players to take a deep dive in for a good time. Add caption RELATED: Minecraft Nintendo Switch Cross-Play A brand-new trailer showcasing Update Aquatic features is right here or just take a quick look at detailed Patch Notes for specifics. RELATED: Bethesda Director Responds to Skyrim Port Jokes Players are now allowed the ability to breathe underwater and you can see up to 3,000 types of different tropic

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Cross-Play

Minecraft brings cross-play with Better Together update to let players team up on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in a new trailer. Playing your favorite games with friends on cross-platform is bliss and these days, developers and publishers are keeping that in mind. We all know how popular Minecraft is among fans already and everyone just wants to take part for some fun crafting experience. An update titled, Better Together was released last year that let players to enjoy the game on PC , Xbox One , mobile and VR devices together. That list of cross-playing platforms just included Nintendo Switch to the fold. Minecraft Nintendo Switch Cross-Play RELATED: PUBG Gets ‘Event Pass’ Progression System You should go ahead and check out the brand-new trailer of Nintendo Switch cross-play of the game for more information. RELATED: Halo Infinite Announced Using the Bedrock engine, the game was made available for the trendy next gen console of Nintendo . Alongside many othe