Jurassic World Evolution Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store wraps up 15 days of free games giveaway by offering a free copy of Jurassic World Evolution.

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Jurassic World Evolution Free on Epic Games Store Now

Earlier this month, Epic Games revived a trend of daily giveaway program from last year with 15 days of free games on their digital distribution storefront Epic Games Store for a limited time to celebrate and promote Holiday Sale 2020.

Wrapping up final day of freebie offering today, Epic Store is giving away PC version of business simulation game Jurassic World Evolution. Anyone can grab a copy and own it forever as long as it's available by logging into a free account.

Instead of getting chased by prehistoric creatures, developer/publisher Frontier Developments tasks you to build dinosaur theme park. Using advanced science, engineer these monsters into profitable assets for your amusement park.

A lot of things could go wrong while nurturing these murderous reptiles across five islands and you get to breed over 40 dino types. Despite some negative reception, Jurassic World Evolution received a number of DLCs and free updates.

Many iconic and known characters from Jurassic World universe played by Jeff Goldblum, Bryce Dallas Howard and B.D. Wong are all reprised by respective actors, adding depth to your overall narrative by often voicing though cinematic.

Concluding two weeks of daily giveaway, Epic Games Store will soon be replacing Jurassic World Evolution by next week on January 7, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT, with tactical rogue-lite game Crying Suns from Alt Shift and Humble Bundle.
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