Hitman 3 PC Players Won't Have to Buy Hitman 2 Again to Import Locations

IO Interactive and Epic Games promises a solution to PC players of Hitman III for importing levels from Hitman 2.

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Hitman 3 PC Players Won't Have to Buy Hitman 2 Again to Import Locations

In an early advert from last year, developer/publisher IO Interactive promised to allow players importing locations from Hitman and Hitman 2 into upcoming stealth action-adventure game Hitman III on release across all platforms.

Only a few days before launch, players on PC realize they couldn't transfer progress according to official guide and were outraged. IOI teamed up with distribution partner Epic Games lately and assured fans to come up with a solution.

To carry over all levels to latest entry in Hitman series, players must transfer all levels of Hitman (2016) to Hitman 2 (2018) before you can import them to Hitman 3, an upgrade path available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

IO Interactive chose to self-publish Hitman III and made a deal with Epic Games Store for a year of timed-exclusivity. Players who bought last two Hitman games on Steam cannot import those levels to new game by verifying their purchase.

IOI decided to make Hitman GOTY Access Pass free for anyone who pre-ordered or purchased Hitman 3 on Epic Store for first 10 days since launch and sell Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass for a heavy discount on PC for around two weeks.

PC players were not happy about their piss-poor solution and many of them were planning to go for refunds. Epic Games and IO Interactive assured people that no one has to pay additional cost or re-purchase content they already own.

IO Interactive recently released an update on Twitter regarding carry-over progress for PC version of Hitman 3.

Although both parties never revealed how they intend to solve this problem, official website for IO Interactive has a cross-platform account system in place that can detect ownership of games that are either on Epic Games Store or Steam.

World of Assassination trilogy wraps up with release of Hitman 3 and adds content from past two Hitman games of newly rebooted series. Agent 47 can get access to all his suits, new tools and previously unlocked locations at one place.
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