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Resident Evil Outrage is Reportedly a Code Veronica-Style Game

Capcom's leaked project Resident Evil Outrage is a Code Veronica-tier game, starring returning series characters.

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Resident Evil Outrage is Reportedly a Code Veronica-Style Game

In an unfortunate ransomware attack, developer/publisher Capcom was hit by a massive data breach last year that leads to personal information of staffs getting hacked and planned launch lineup of next few years being leaked online.

Known industry insider AestheticGamer has recently reveals on social media that Resident Evil Outrage from Capcom's early leaked list is a Resident Evil Code: Veronica-style game that will be featuring a number of original protagonists.

There is very little to no detail about RE Outrage but is expected to launch on fourth quarter of 2021. Capcom is also reportedly working on Resident Evil 4 Remake, in association with M-Two for next year and Resident Evil Hank for 2024.

AestheticGamer claims that Capcom originally developed Outrage as Resident Evil: Revelations 3, a timed-exclusive title for Nintendo Switch. It uses a version of RE Engine that is compatible with handheld similar to Monster Hunter Rise.

AestheticGamer AKA Dusk Golem talks detail about Resident Evil Outrage in a bunch of threads on Twitter.

Capcom has been working on RE Outrage for four years to deliver a higher quality than previous Revelations games. Outrage is more like a Code Veronica-tier title with more development time and a budget on scale of Resident Evil: Village.

A fan-favorite supporting character, former S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team member Rebecca Chambers is likely to return as well. What other protagonists will be part of Resident Evil Outrage is yet to be revealed by Capcom before 2021 launch.

Until any further announcement comes from an official source, fans are advised to take alleged information above with a grain of salt. AestheticGamer if often right when it comes to Resident Evil leaks, which only reinforce his credibility.

Capcom is currently focusing on release of upcoming Resident Evil: Village on May 7, 2021, as a cross-gen title and a sequel to Resident Evil 7. A brief playable demo titled "Maiden" is available now, exclusively for players on PlayStation 5.