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Elden Ring Rumored to Have Dark Souls-Style Classes and PvP Multiplayer

ResetEra leaker claims Elden Ring may feature unique character classes and PvP multiplayer, similar to Dark Souls.

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Elden Ring Rumored to Have Dark Souls-Style Classes and PvP Multiplayer

Though there has not been any official update so far, upcoming action role-playing game Elden Ring from developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment is spawning a series of leaks and rumors very recently.

According to a reputable industry leaker on ResetEra, four playable classes and elements of PvP multiplayer gameplay mechanics will be featured in Elden Ring, previously introduced by From Software in Dark Souls franchise of games.

ResetEra leaker known as Omnipotent claims that Elden Ring is likely to offer players choices to pick from unique classes and bring back online functionality of PvP multiplayer mode, gameplay features popularized by Dark Souls series.

Omnipotent states that players will be able to choose from four starting character classes and level up as they wish. He also reveals that newly leaked trailer was never intentional and it was meant for internal use by Bandai Namco.

ResetEra insider Omnipotent addresses Elden Ring rumors regarding a number of possible gameplay features.

I'm going to avoid detailing how this happened, but I will say that this was neither a "controlled" nor "intentional" leak orchestrated by Bandai and Fromsoft to generate hype or something silly like that. It's your usual run of the mill leak. This trailer was made by Bandai for internal use only and there's a good chance From probably wasn't even aware of it, let alone in control of it. This specific trailer wasn't intended to be viewed by the public at this or any other time as far as I can tell. I will also state that while I have heard that a reveal is in the works for "soon"(tm), this leak surfacing now is merely coincidental and isn't an indication that anything is going to happen right this second. I doubt this "forces Bandai's hand" into doing anything sooner than they want as it seems like they were already made aware of the situation prior to it going public anyway.

Earlier this month, an off-screen trailer for Elden Ring was accidentally leaked online and it had a brief glimpse at gameplay. Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, development has seen major shift and its launch window moved to 2022.

Elden Ring is one of the most-anticipated releases across all platforms because of involvement from novelist George R. R. Martin. Fans are also very excited to see Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki to return ever since E3 2019 reveal.