Days Gone PC Release Date

Bend Studio reveals newly added features and improvements for PC version of Days Gone, arriving on May 18.

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Days Gone PC Release Date

Nearing end of February, developer Bend Studio and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced to launch a PC port for 2019 action-adventure survival horror PlayStation 4-exclusive game Days Gone on spring this year.

Windows PC version of Days Gone is already available on digital retailers like Epic Games Store and Steam for pre-purchase. Meanwhile, Bend Studio reveals a new trailer showcasing major features for upcoming release on May 18, 2021.

Key-features for PC version of Days Gone are showcased in a newly released video by Bend Studio and Sony.

With newly added 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support, you can engage in a fight against and up to 500 Freakers at a time. Days Gone on PC allows first and third-party controllers as well as usage of mouse and keyboard to explore its open-world.

Aside from a number of display customization options and improved graphics, you can run Days Gone in 4K resolution, at an unlocked frame rate. Moreover, there is a Photo Mode included for you to capture highly detailed and realistic shots.

After major PlayStation-exclusives like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn making their PC debut, Days Gone is also following that same path. Unfortunately, Sony has shut down idea of a sequel in favor of The Last of Us Remake for PS5.

Sony announces an official release date for PC version of Days Gone only days after Bloomberg has published that report. Fans can hopefully make Sony to consider Bend Studio developing a follow-up sequel only by showing strong support.
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