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The Last of Us PS5 Remake Reportedly in Works by Naughty Dog

A latest report claims that 2013's The Last of Us is being remade for PlayStation 5 consoles by Naughty Dog.

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The Last of Us PS5 Remake Reportedly in Works by Naughty Dog

For over a decade or so, PlayStation has dominated entire consoles generations with first-party exclusive titles like Bloodborne, God of War, The Last of Us and Uncharted, which they intend to continue for next-generation as well.

Shortly after releasing The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation 4 last year, developer Naughty Dog teased working on a new game. A new insider report claims that they are reportedly developing a The Last of Us Remake for PlayStation 5.

Although fans of TLoU franchise are likely to get excited to get a remake for next-gen consoles, some developer studios inside Sony Interactive Entertainment are not too happy about how things are going, according to Bloomberg.

PlayStation support team of Visual Arts Service Group originally started remaking The Last of Us for next-gen system with a goal to bundle it alongside PS5 upgrade for The Last of Us 2 but then Naughty Dog has taken over development.

Visual Arts Service Group had to help Naughty Dog finish working on a delayed The Last of Us Part II and their role was eventually reduced into a supporting one in PS5 Remake for The Last of Us, which lead to further disappointment.

During late 2019, SIE had an argument with founder Michael Mumbauer of Visual Arts Service Group over estimated project budget. He then left Sony altogether following a disagreement with Worldwide Studios head Hermen Hulst.

Sony giving them only conditional approval to work on The Last of Us for PS5 and not willing to provide any budget to hire more people to rework in-games mechanics and enhance its visuals for next-gen has led to this recent fallout.

Bloomberg states that senior leadership of PlayStation wanted to focus on big-hits, rejecting a notion for possible Days Gone sequel. They assigned Bend Studio to develop a new Uncharted project instead, supervised by Naughty Dog.

PlayStation recently had a major shift at Sony Japan Studio by ditching smaller developers of Ape Escape, Gravity Rush and Knack series. Their priority has moved to larger game franchises to match success of previous generations.

Naughty Dog already expanded upon success of 2013's The Last of Us with a successful sequel and an upcoming HBO TV series. Apparently, Sony also wants a remake of an 8 years game for ongoing console generation of PlayStation.