Days Gone Claimed to Be Disappointing, Despite Outselling Ghost of Tsushima

Game director for Days Gone claims that Sony made it feel like a disappointment, despite selling more than Ghost of Tsushima.

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Days Gone Claimed to Be Disappointing, Despite Outselling Ghost of Tsushima

Although a sequel to 2019 open-world action-adventure game Days Gone by developer Bend Studio was cancelled by publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, a latest job listing suggests that they are working on a brand-new project.

After recent announcement of PlayStation-exclusive Ghost of Tsushima selling over 8 million copies was made, Days Gone director accuses Sony for making them feel like disappointment, despite reaching a rather similar sales number.

Days Gone director Jeff Ross has left Bend Studio back in 2020 after serving for two decades and has called out Sony for making it seem like the game was a massive failure even though it surpassed total sales figure of other AAA-titles.

Ross claimed on social media that Days Gone has actually outsold Sucker Punch Productions' beloved 2020 samurai action-adventure game. However, internal studio management always had less positive impression of its performance.

Game director Jeff Ross took Twitter to share his response on Ghost of Tsushima reaching new sales milestone.

He also stated that Days Gone was out for more than a year when he left Sony and sold over 8 million copies. It sold more copies later and then crossed another million on Steam release but local studios acted like it was a disappointment.

Shawn Layden, former PlayStation America boss responded to Ross by congratulating him on success of Days Gone. Earlier last year, Jeff Ross publicly admitted working on a pitch for Days Gone sequel that has seemingly been cancelled.

Ross suggested earlier that he was planning for a bad-ass sequel, building on top of his original work. He pointed out that even first Killzone game received a low Metacritic score of 70 before Killzone sequel eventually could reach up to a 91.

Days Gone had mixed critical reception but it was the best-selling game on PlayStation Store at launch. Sony Interactive Entertainment didn't think Days Gone 2 would be a viable option given its history of overly lengthy development period.
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