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Days Gone 2 Cancelled Pitch Included Co-Op

Though a pitch for Days Gone sequel has been scrapped by Sony, game director Jeff Ross had a pretty interesting co-op mode in mind.

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Days Gone 2 Cancelled Pitch Included Co-Op

Despite having a decent opening, 2019 action-adventure survival horror game Days Gone from developer Bend Studio and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment may not get a sequel soon due to critical reception and production issues.

Although an idea for a Days Gone follow-up sequel was reportedly canned by Sony, it seems like Bend Studio really had some great ideas and creative director Jeff Ross even revealed recently that they had plans to add a co-op mode as well.

In a recent interview God of War creator David Jaffe invites over Bend Studios' former director Jeff Ross. Though Ross didn't outright confirm or deny possibilities of a potential sequel to Days Gone, he advised fans not to lose hope just yet.

Ross was asked whether they ever considered adding co-op for Days Gone 2 and he admitted that it was part of their initial pitch. Jeff Ross had a concept of co-op where players would build up something like a clubhouse or a small group.

He wanted to see how people co-operatively working together in a zombie apocalypse could be a fun idea and how horde battles will evolve. A large group of human survivors will surely have a better chance to outlive a crowd of Freakers.

Jeff Ross and his team had an idea of online co-op from very beginning, which would play out as a secondary mode. Aside from primary narrative of Days Gone, players would explore its open-world for a multiplayer gameplay experience.

Also tune in on YouTube for a full conversation of an ongoing live interview of Jeff Ross by host David Jaffe.

A latest Bloomberg report has shed light on internal scuffles at first-party PlayStation studios including Bend Studio. Not only did Sony reject an idea of a Days Gone sequel, Bend Studio was assigned to help Naughty Dog in other projects.

Even though Days Gone had its shortcomings and received mixed reviews from critics, it surely was not a commercial disaster at all. Considering its cult-following, Sony should reconsider their decision and greenlit a sequel for PlayStation 5.