Galactic Civilizations 3 Free on Epic Games Store Now! Again!

Epic Games Store is giving away turn-based strategy game Galactic Civilizations III once again, for free on giveaway this week.

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Galactic Civilizations III Free on Epic Games Store Now! Again!

After wrapping up annual free game giveaway promotional campaign for two weeks last month, Epic Games is back on regular weekly schedule of bringing new titles on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store to PC platform users.

Epic Store is giving away PC version of 4X turn-based strategy game Galactic Civilizations III that you can claim a free copy of and own it forever in your library of games online for a limited time until January 20, 9:00 AM PDT/12:00 PM EDT.

Galactic Civilizations III by developer/publisher Stardock Entertainment invites you to a massive space-based strategy experience, where you explore many intergalactic empires and eventually expand your rule across the galaxy over time.

Pursue your ambitions through diplomacy, espionage, technological advances or other means and strive for victory. Players can set up various gameplay aspects to each new game and have a uniquely challenging playthrough every time.

A returning freebie from earlier last year, Galactic Civilizations III is a must have for any fans of strategy games in general. Moreover, people who missed on claiming it firsthand can now have another chance at having it on EGS this week.

Epic Games Store has announced to offer 2020 first-person physics-based puzzle game Relicta from developer Mighty Polygon and publisher Ravenscourt for next week's freebie, which will become available to grab on January 20, 2022.
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