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Hogwarts Legacy Reportedly Delayed to 2023

Warner Bros. Games may end up delaying Hogwarts Legacy release window to 2023, according to insider report.

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Hogwarts Legacy Reportedly Delayed to 2023

Earlier last week, a notable leaker claimed that upcoming open-world action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy from developer Avalanche Software and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive is probably releasing much sooner than expected.

Though originally planned for a 2021 release, Hogwarts Legacy release window was delayed to 2022 last year. However, a recent insider report claims that Warner Bros. is likely to move dates of much-awaited Harry Potter RPG to next year.

In latest broadcast of Sacred Symbols+ podcast on Patreon, industry insider Colin Moriarty says that Hogwarts Legacy will not be coming out this year, according to his sources and apparently, there is some kind of trouble going on at studio.

Moriarty didn't elaborate on what trouble the project is currently facing or whether it may get cancelled like a pervious Harry Potter MMO. Warner Bros. Games has not confirmed anything yet but more will be revealed in coming months.

In an interview with Toy World magazine, Warner Bros. general manager Rachel Wakely talked about Wizarding World IP, therefore teasing Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbeldore and Hogwarts Legacy as two major releases in 2022.

Fantastic Beasts sequel movie is currently set to premiere on April 8, 2022 in UK and Hogwarts Legacy won't likely be releasing before. However, there is little possibility for Avalanche's open-world Harry Potter RPG to launch this year at all.

Because of ongoing controversy and criticisms, Warner Bros. previously clarified in an FAQ that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has no connection with Hogwarts Legacy due to her supposed transphobic comments made on Twitter in past.

Aside from rumors, Hogwarts Legacy didn't share any development update in a while, nor show up at events like The Game Awards 2021. Meanwhile, Harry Potter franchise fans are curiously waiting for official sources to share more detail.