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WB Games Montréal Job Listing Hints at Superman Game

A recent job listing by WB Games Montréal possibly hints at their next project, which could be a Superman game.

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WB Games Montréal Job Listing Hints at Superman Game

Last year in June, job listing for Senior Gameplay/Animator Programmer role has revealed that Canadian developer studio WB Games Montréal is currently working on a new AAA-title other than upcoming 2022 launch of Gotham Knights.

WB Montréal didn't officially confirmed which DC superhero game they are actively working on but insider James Sigfield claimed it to be a Superman game and a newly posted job listing has reignited speculation for a Man of Steel project.

A recent job listing for a Senior Gameplay AI Programmer on official WB Montréal careers page has mentioned a new AAA game and it has renewed a fan-theory over on social media that WB is much likely developing a AAA-Superman title.

Also to note that named leaker has a pretty impressive track record as they previously claimed that Rocksteady was developing a Suicide Squad game ahead of its announcement for Kill the Justice League during DC FanDome digital event.

Twitter user Faizan Shaikh has spotted a new job listing at WB Games Montréal for a rumored Superman game.

Superman has been part of NetherRealm Studios' fighting game series Injustice and even made a crossover appearance in Fortnite earlier. A standalone game featuring Man of Steel however, is still long overdue, not for lack of trying though.

An untitled Superman title is possibly years away from being revealed by WB Games Montréal. Meanwhile, DC Universe fans can look forward to play games like Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League for next few years.


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