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Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link Announced

Square Enix officially announces Kingdom Hearts IV and Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link at 20th Anniversary event today.

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Kingdom Hearts IV and Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link Announced

Following a surprise inclusion of Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora for 2018 crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last year, series fans were not expecting to see him starring in a mainline series entry anytime soon though.

There have already been some rumors regarding a new Kingdom Hearts game announcement for some time. Square Enix eventually reveals Kingdom Hearts IV and Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link for mobile during 20th Anniversary event.

Square Enix rolls out a collection of all trailers shown at 20th Anniversary event of Kingdom Hearts series.

KH4 premiere trailer shows Sora returning to the world of Quadratum, where he wakes up in a new apartment. He gets up to be greeted by Strelitzia, who was introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and then quickly head over to outside.

He sees people are panicking on streets and running over as a giant Heartless enemy manifests itself on Quadratum. In a quick transition to gameplay, Sora begins to wield his iconic Keyblade to climb or starts using it like a grappling hook.

In an ending epilogue, both Donald Duck and Goofy were looking for someone until they see a blue flame lit up within the darkness. Given past history of crossovers in Kingdom Hearts' series, it could very well be Disney's Hercules or Hades.

Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer begins its narrative in a forest that ends up in an urban setting, calling it "Lost Master Arc". Square Enix has apparently changed up series art-style to a more realistic- looking one, which is different than past games.

Newest trailer footage also confirms that KH4 is currently in early development stage, so it may take a few years to release. KH: Missing-Link is launching for select regions on Android and iOS, with a Closed Beta test is coming later this year.

Kingdom Hearts 4 didn't announce a release date or a set launch window and has yet to reveal any platforms. However, it's likely to arrive for current-gen consoles while skipping on last-gen console systems altogether and for PC later on.