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Bloodborne PC and PS5 Version Teased by Industry Insider

Industry insider teases a long-rumored PC and PlayStation 5 release of Bloodborne, maybe even a follow-up sequel.

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Bloodborne PC and PS5 Version Teased by Industry Insider

There has been a fan-outcry for 2015 action role-playing game Bloodborne by developer From Software and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to receive a follow-up sequel or maybe even a remaster of PlayStation 4-exclusive.

In recent years, Soulsborne fans are getting exited in anticipation for a possible PC release or a PlayStation 5 upgrade with each new rumor. Most recently, a known insider has teased a likely return of Bloodborne as PC port or a sequel.

In latest 200th episode of Sacred Symbols podcast, former IGN journalist and reputable insider Colin Moriarty mentions Bloodborne among top 25 best PlayStation 4 games and teases saying "You haven't seen the last of Bloodborne".

Moriarty's history with PlayStation related news has been somewhat consistent as he actually teased Demon's Souls Remake before its announcement at PlayStation 5 Reveal event in 2020, so his word on Bloodborne is probably legit.

However, he never clarified whether fans should be excited for a PC port, remaster or a sequel for Bloodborne. Chances are, Sony would simply release a PS5 upgrade offering 60 FPS and 4K visuals like many titles from last-generation.

Bloodborne rumors for a PC version and PlayStation 5 remaster begins to surface online earlier in 2020, five years after its release. A week after Sony acquiring Bluepoint Games, reports of a remastered version and a sequel came out.