Bandai Namco Leak Reveals Elden Ring DLC Title, Little Nightmares 3 and More

A leaked lineup on ResetEra forum reveals several unannounced Bandai Namco games listed for 2023 fiscal year.

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Bandai Namco Leak Reveals Elden Ring DLC Title, Little Nightmares III and More

In a recent ransomware attack, developer/publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has suffered a major data breach in Asian regions by ALPHV earlier this month and then admitted to it weeks later and are still investing the extent of damage.

A week after Bandai Namco acknowledged internal server hack, ALPHV ransomware group have decided to leak their entire 2023 fiscal year calendar online, which includes announcements for Elden Ring DLC, Little Nightmares III and Tekken 8.

Bandai Namco launch lineup for 2023 has seemingly been leaked on a ResetEra forum post that reveals a supposed title for highly rumored Elden Ring DLC, which has ties to Godfrey, before he became Elden Lord and was warrior Hoarah Loux.

Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands may explore an untold story of Godfrey and protagonist character Tarnished before they were exiled from Lands Between while exploring other events as well as reasons behind their fated banishment.

BlackCat ransomware group leaked a slate of upcoming unannounced Bandai Namco titles set for FY 2023.

Q1 FY 2023
  • Armored Core
  • Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Q2 FY 2023
  • Little Nightmares III
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ: Super
  • Digimon Story: Cybersleuth 2

Q3 FY 2023
  • Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands
  • Tales of Ascension
  • Tekken 8

Q4 FY 2023
  • Code Vein 2
  • One Punch Man: Fighters Association
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

There are a number of entries from Dragon Ball franchise, including Dragon Ball FighterZ: Super, already announced Dragon Ball: The Breakers slated for 2022 release and a surprise inclusion of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 set for Q4 FY 2023 launch.

Armored Core 6 screenshots have already been leaked earlier and fans would surely appreciate Code Vein 2 announcement. A few months ago, Tarsier Studios teased working on a new game, which may be Little Nightmares III or a new game.

ALPHV is also known as BlackCat ransomware group and were involved in Colonial Pipeline hack last year. Bandai Namco may not have agreed to their terms and therefore, BlackCat is dumping these information on unannounced 2023 projects.

Elden Ring DLC title, Little Nightmares III or Tekken 8 leaks could also be fake and so, people are advised to take it with a grain of salt. Capcom was hit by a similar hack earlier, leaking Dragon's Dogma sequel, Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter 6.
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    I reaaallyy hope little nightmares 3 comes out!

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