Elden Ring DLC Hinted by From Software Earnings Report

From Software parent company Kadokawa may have hinted at possible Elden Ring DLC in latest earnings report.

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Elden Ring DLC Hinted by From Software Earnings Report

Although a single-player experience, 2022 action role-playing game Elden Ring from developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment continues to have players engaged and sold over 13.4 million copies since release.

Early datamining reveals multiplayer DLC plans for Elden Ring in future but there are no official announcements just yet. However, a recent earnings report of From Software parent company may be hinting at a DLC being in development.

Elden Ring DLC has lately been teased in a financial report from Kadokawa Corporation, parent company of From Software. Apparently, they had a sales target of 4 million copies but ended up selling three times over their original estimate.

Kadokawa projected to make 1.3-1.8 billion yen from its gaming division in operating profit this fiscal year and earned 5.2 billion yen. Obviously, they want to carry on the incredible success of Elden Ring by rolling out new content in future.

Without revealing any detail of their plans, Kadokawa stated, "We are considering a number of measures to help customers continue to enjoy this title" via an FAQ in FY2022 earning, which is a subtle tease at some possible Elden Ring DLC.

From Software releasing a post-launch DLC for Elden Ring is not surprising at all as they did the same for previous Souls games. Dataminers already found a hidden coliseum arena with a few "dummy" enemies and some PvE elements in it.
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