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Xbox Game Pass to Add Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Two Point Campus and More

Newest lineup of Xbox Game Pass is adding Cooking Simulator, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Two Point Campus and more this August.

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Xbox Game Pass to Add Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Two Point Campus and More

A fresh batch of new games comes to ongoing lineup of Xbox Game Pass for all subscribers on Android devices, Windows PC and Xbox family of cross-generation consoles, which will become available shortly starting from August 2, 2022.

Assemble a fireteam of up to three friends in 2017 third-person tactical shooter Ghost Recon: Wildlands by developer/publisher Ubisoft and explore a massive open-world of Bolivia to fight Santa Blanca cartel as US Special Forces team.

Build circuits and write codes for variety of manufacturers in 2016 puzzle game Shenzhen I/O, coming to PC on August 4, 2022. Also arriving that same day is 2022 arcade-style sports racing game Turbo Golf Racing, courtesy of ID@Xbox.

Launching day-one on with Game Pass, long-awaited management sim Two Point Campus will hit cloud, console and PC on August 9, 2022. After an academic session, try your culinary skills with Cooking Simulator, joining later that week.

PC Game Pass and Ultimate members will be delighted to play 2022 tactical role-playing game Expeditions: Rome on August 11. As you conquer foreign lands, move your sights over to Mars and colonize it with Offworld Trading Company.

Xbox Game Pass announces to remove Boyfriend Dungeon, Curse of the Dead Gods, Library of Ruina, Starmancer and Train Sim World 2 on cloud, console and PC halfway through August but members can buy them for exclusive discount.