Mafia Free on Steam Now to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

2K Games is giving away free copies of original Mafia game on PC via Steam for limited time to celebrate 20 years of release.

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Mafia Free on Steam Now to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Before arriving on PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles, original 2002 action-adventure game Mafia by developer Illusion Softworks and publisher 2K Games made its PC debut in August 2002 that kick-started a successful franchise of games.

In celebration for 20 years of release last month, California-based series publisher 2K Games is offering a free copy of original Mafia game on PC platform via Steam marketplace for everyone until September 5, 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET.

Set in a fictional city of Lost Heaven, first Mafia game is focused on taxi driver-turned-mobster Tommy Angelo and his rise to infamy. In a world of organized crime, he reluctantly joins Salieri family as a new member to earn big paydays.

Though hesitant at first, Tommy quickly gets used to his mobster life as he frequently gets into shootouts and running away from cops. Eventually his lifestyle of fast cars and fancy suits push him over to do dirtier jobs and get in trouble.

Earlier in May, there was a rumor regarding a Mafia prequel game codenamed "Nero" being in primary development phase and recently, Hangar 13 studio general manager Roman Hladík has confirmed working on all-new Mafia project.

2K Games is having an ongoing franchise sale on Steam, including all three Definitive Edition of newly released Mafia trilogy. Rather than buying these games solo, PC gamers should purchase Mafia Trilogy to have all DLCs at $17.99 only.
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