Halo Infinite Reportedly Moving to Unreal Engine

Instead of their proprietary Slipspace Engine, developer 343 Industries is reportedly switching to Unreal Engine for Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite Reportedly Moving to Unreal Engine

Just a month after revealing a preview of campaign co-op mode, 2021 first-person shooter Halo Infinite by developer 343 Industries and publisher Xbox Game Studios ends up delaying it again and cancelled split-screen co-op feature as well.

Suffering from several delays and cancellation since launch, player-community is getting fed up over what 343 is doing so far. Moreover, a report claims Halo Infinite is reportedly switching to Unreal Engine by ditching their proprietary tech.

According to journalist Jeremy Penter, developer 343 Industries has decided to move to Unreal Engine for Halo Infinite. 343 dev team has previously promised to support Infinite for a decade but already faces many delays on their roadmap.

343 Industries switching to Unreal Engine may bring many hurdles to dev team in long run and some major studio departures. Earlier last month, Slipspace Engine lead engineer David Berger has announced leaving 343 studio after 14 years.

Players are very frustrated with irregularity of post-launch updates and 343 has acknowledged their lack of engagement with community. Microsoft is currently restructuring 343 after studio head Bonnie Ross has stepped down last month.

Halo Infinite has been using proprietary Slipspace Engine for Infinite as a framework to build in-game world and incorporating other tools. Due to high cost and effort to create original engine, most developers chooses Unity or Unreal Engine.
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