Microsoft Reportedly Claims Marvel's Wolverine Will Release in 2023

Insomniac Games plans to release Marvel's Wolverine in 2023, according to a latest filing by Microsoft to UK regulators.

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Microsoft Reportedly Claims Marvel's Wolverine Will Release in 2023

While officially revealing upcoming superhero action-adventure game Marvel's Spider-Man 2 at PlayStation Showcase event in 2021, developer Insomniac Games also made an announcement for PlayStation 5-exclusive Marvel's Wolverine.

Reportedly being "very early in development" phase, Insomniac's Wolverine didn't get a launch window during official reveal. However, a recent Microsoft filing suggests that Sony Interactive Entertainment may release it for PS5 next year.

In a regulatory filing published by UK's Competition and Markets Authority this week, Microsoft claims that Wolverine will arrive in 2023. UK regulators are currently inspecting a proposed deal of Activision/Blizzard acquisition for $69 billion.

Talking about Sony's market position, Microsoft pointed out that PlayStation has a wave of first and third-party exclusives like Horizon, Final Fantasy XVI, Forspoken, Spider-Man 2 and Marvel's Wolverine lined up for launch throughout 2023.

Microsoft didn't clarify whether they any some inside information on Sony's release schedule or it was just a speculation on their part yet. Other than Insomniac's Wolverine project, every title listed above is currently slated for 2023 release.

Marvel's Wolverine features cutting-edge gameplay and an emotional narrative, making it truly special for comic-book fans. Insomniac never said anything about a possible launch window but players are currently expecting to see it in 2024.
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