Street Fighter 6 Rated in South Korea

South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee has rated Street Fighter 6, hinting at a release date reveal soon.

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Street Fighter 6 Rated in South Korea

Addressing previous criticisms over lack of single-player content, upcoming fighting game Street Fighter 6 by developer/publisher Capcom will include World Tour story mode, Battle Hub online lobby mode and a jam-packed roster of fighters.

A listed rating for Street Fighter 6 has recently been spotted on official website of South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee, which may eventually lead to Capcom announcing an official launch date for SF6 in coming months.

Even though a rating doesn't necessarily guarantee a release is nearby, it could be a hint to fans that a release announcement is coming soon. It won't be much of a surprise if Capcom show up at The Game Awards 2022 event to share a date.

Previously, Horizon Forbidden West rating was found back in November 2021 and was launched only three months later in February 2022. Similarly, God of War: Ragnarök was rated earlier this May and releases six months later in November.

South Korean rating board issued a 15 certificate for Street Fighter 6, which is currently set for a 2023 launch window. Latest financial report suggests that Capcom have one "major new game" planned for launch during rest of this fiscal year.

Street Fighter 6 probably won't release before March 31, 2023, as Capcom's biggest release for current fiscal year being Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, a rating on South Korean does offer some hope that SF6 is not far away from launch.
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